Stories for Feb. 25, 2009

If Kleiner Perkins-backed startup Bloom Energy was “close” to unveiling its fuel cell four months ago, when the company headlined the New York Times Magazine, it’s now within inches. Back then, a reporter who spoke with tight-lipped Bloom CEO K. R. Sridhar and Kleiner VCs concluded […] Read more »

Many Mac users are fortunate enough to have more than one machine. Whether it’s a home desktop and laptop, or a home and office machine, it can be very useful to keep some form of continuity between the two systems. This is easy enough to do […] Read more »

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IBM said today it joined a smart grid project in Denmark that’s aiming to upgrade the country’s electric transmission grid to handle the large-scale adoption of electric vehicles. The project will start off with test work on a small Danish island before tackling the whole nation. […] Read more »

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Elastra today unveiled an updated cloud strategy that aims to tackle one of the biggest challenges of cloud computing: How to move applications smoothly between in-house infrastructure and clouds like Amazon’s EC2. If the strategy works, it could pave the way for so-called “hybrid clouds,” those […] Read more »

As GigaOM readers know, cataclysmic change is facing the multi-trillion dollar a year telecom industry, from changes in devices, to the way spectrum is allocated and utilized, to new applications and convergence with other industry. eComm, to be held March 3-5, 2009, in San Francisco, is […] Read more »

Do you mind map? Do you like to brainstorm with others using software that helps focus your ideas and prioritize project plans? Maybe you’re into Getting Things Done (GTD) and like to prioritize your tasks visually? If so, then read on my friend. The folks at […] Read more »

Watch Hulu on Your TV through Plex; those bummed over Hulu’s departure from Boxee may want to try this other XBMC-based project. (Zatz Not Funny!) Joost to Use Ooyala on Backend; video publishing service will provide ingestion, transcoding and metadata management tools to web TV site. […] Read more »

Many of us are social beings who enjoy interacting with other people, and until you leave an office environment, you probably don’t realize how much contact you have with other human beings throughout the day. In an office, you run into people in the hallways, in the lunchroom, and at meetings. It can be easier to have social conversations or even to bounce ideas off of someone when you run into them unexpectedly. When you work remotely, whether you are a telecommuter or a freelancer, it is possible to go the entire day without ever seeing or speaking to anyone; however, there are also plenty of ways to replace those interactions with new ones. Read more »

Nortel, the bankrupt telecommunications gear maker, said today it will lay off an additional 3,200 workers worldwide over the coming months — bringing its total workforce down to 25,000. The Canadian company, which filed for bankruptcy in January, said last November that it would cut 1,300 […] Read more »

The smart grid partnership between search engine giant Google and conglomerate GE could deliver a lot more than public policy changes and compelling discussion forums. Steve Fludder, VP of GE’s Ecomagination division, told us yesterday in an interview that the partnership could also result in a […] Read more »

Gartner said today it expects chip sales to drop by 24 percent in 2009 — an unwelcome revision to its previous forecast of a 16 percent drop issued in December. Back in November, when the sky started falling, it had expected (hoped for?) a slim 1 […] Read more »

It’s been a while since we’ve had a fitness post on WebWorkerDaily. The web worker lifestyle tends to be a sedentary one with many hours spent staring at the computer. Many web workers, and I put myself in this category, have a hard time getting away […] Read more »

Aster Data Systems, which makes software that allows companies to build massively scalable databases on commodity hardware, has raised an additional $5 million as part of its Series B round of funding from Institutional Venture Partners. Aster had originally closed $12 million back in January, but […] Read more »

Distributing $787 billion from the federal government is bound to get complicated. As the Department of Energy and other agencies in line for big sums hunker down to draft implementation plans and application procedures, we’ve rounded up the key dates to note and sites to watch […] Read more »

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