Stories for Jan. 14, 2009

Is Steve Jobs ill or not? That’s been the dominant question surrounding Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) for much of the last year, even as the iPhone has… Read more »

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When President-elect Barack Obama asked Congress to delay the transition that will force broadcasters to switch from analog TV signals to digital ones last week, we noted that the move could cause trouble for companies planning to use the newly available spectrum for new technologies. I’ve […] Read more »

Last year might have been a record year for cleantech investing, but the first half of 2009 will be a lot more “subdued,” according to research from New Energy Finance. While New Energy Finance said that global clean energy investing figures hit a new high of […] Read more »

If I could take my iPhone and turn it into a mobile TV, I’d be in heaven. That hasn’t happened yet, but the latest version of i.TV — a free application you can find in Apple’s App Store — tries to help. The recently-released Version 1.2 […] Read more »

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It didn’t take long for those folks at Akihabara News to get a real Sony Vaio P of their very own.  There’s an advantage for being located in Japan when it comes to Sony stuff.  They have posted a bunch of unboxing photos as they opened […] Read more »’s plans to build an open-source alternative to Twitter got a vote of confidence this week with an investment from the VCs at Montreal Start Up. While the amount of the financing wasn’t disclosed, Montreal Start Up Managing Partner John Stokes said the firm invests between […] Read more »

Say Good-bye to Your Big Plasma: EU officials may outlaw the largest plasma TV models under new energy performance requirements. — NYT’s Green Inc. Going Negative: Global carbon emissions will have to drop to near zero by 2050 and “go negative” after that to avoid the […] Read more »

Motionbox, which has carved out a nice spot in the market for its paid personal video-sharing service, has raised $6 million in a Series C round led by Constellation Ventures and including Canaan Partners and SAS Investors. Alongside the round, the New York City-based company said […] Read more »

Despite the economic downturn, many of us web workers still travel frequently, and that means dealing with always unpredictable airports, airplanes, weather conditions at destinations, and more. I’ve written before about a few of the sites that can ease the whole process, and one of them, […] Read more »

And now for some good news: Starting today, Salon Media, the San Francisco, Calif.-based publisher of, will syndicate content from our growing network of blogs. The content will be featured on Salon’s technology section, with The GigaOM Network offered as a specifically curated channel. Joey […] Read more »

It’s a device that originated while most of today’s tech generation were just learning to walk, and it took the world by storm. Of course I’m talking about Nintendo’s Gameboy. The nice monochromatic display, the flat gray casing, and who would forget the monolithic size of […] Read more »

It’ll take more than just money to cut energy use and carbon dioxide emissions in the Canadian commercial building sector, according to a new report, which says significant policy changes are needed as well. But with those changes, the country’s commercial building sector could help Canada […] Read more »

Excerpted from GigaOM: New Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz is a solid, proven manager who will bring some much-needed stability to the beleaguered Internet giant, but she has a big hole in the No. 2 spot. Bartz needs a president who is young and energetic, has engineering […] Read more »

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