Stories for Feb. 23, 2009

No More Mashed Potatoes: Top Gear America’s car fanatics are fed up with gas sippers that look like “lumps of cold mashed potatoes.” So they’re trying to build a 70 mpg car that does zero-to-60 in seven seconds. If that makes you think of Tesla and […] Read more »

How does an old media guy do new media? With big budgets, but not too big. And with his eyes on the prize of crossing over any one project onto all sorts of platforms. In his “old world” experience of producing young adult media properties, Albie […] Read more »

I’m always on the hunt for freeware and open source applications and utilities, and one of my favorite finds from last year, which I wrote about here, was Startup Delayer. I’ve been steadily using this utility, and recommend it highly to Windows users frustrated with slow […] Read more »

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Acer spent MWC showing off its first foray into the smartphone market — there were 8 Windows Mobile devices on display. ZDNet UK has a vide… Read more »

You know how you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover? Well, when it comes to smartphones and netbooks, a semiconductor research firm is predicting that in fact the cover — or rather, the device casing — may soon be one of the only […] Read more »

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I’m exceedingly happy to tell you all about a brand-new series of articles we’re launching here at TheAppleBlog, entitled: The App Review. Every other weekday, I’ll be sticking my big hands deep into the gaping jaws of the App Store and pulling out a fresh app […] Read more »

It’s a sad fact that those who devote themselves to the world of paranormal investigation are oftentimes rational society’s punching bags, rarely taken seriously by those with more pedestrian outlooks on the natural world. True believers find themselves routinely mocked and ridiculed — even Fox Mulder […] Read more »

Lukasz Gadowski’s Spreadshirt, which calls itself a Web 2.0 platform for designing and selling clothes, has raised Read more »

Three or four times a year since 1993, AT&T has been simulating a network-crushing catastrophe and subsequently sending a portion of its $500 million worth of disaster recovery equipment out into the field to practice bringing its wired and wireless networks back online. Such a simulation […] Read more »

No big surprise here, but Standard & Poor’s has downgraded the debt ratings on Clear Channel Communications (NYSE: CCU). It cites steep earn… Read more »

Yes, Virginia, there is a solar thermal market. NRG Energy and eSolar have signed an agreement to develop up to 500 megawatts of solar thermal projects in California and throughout the Southwest region of the U.S., the two said today, marking the industry’s second big deal […] Read more »

As you might expect, the Oscars buzz moved beyond the red carpet and onto Twitter last night, racking up over 100,000 tweets, according to Trendrr (how many of them were about that silly “the musical is back!” number?) As American Idol becomes less about a parade […] Read more »

Today, Saul Hansell of the New York Times used two surveys — the Nokia Siemens Connectivity Report and a Pew survey — to write a post titled  “Surprise: America is No. 1 in Broadband,” which not only argues that we’re No. 1, but also tries to […] Read more »

Taiwan Semi’s chairman doesn’t expect the chip industry to recover for another three years. ( How TI is reinventing itself, yet again — this time with a focus on embedded processors and analog chips. ( When it comes to your smartphone, are you spending more on […] Read more »

Samsung recently outed a follow-up to their Omnia handset with the Omnia HD, a SymbianS60 device that can record 720p video. The phone is jam-packed with lusty features like a 640×360 AMOLED touch display, HSDPA/HSUPA 3G, 8MP camera, and more. One of the “and more” features […] Read more »

Report: Video Cord-Cutting a Myth; Sanford Bernstein analyst Craig Moffett says television subscriber additions grew by 441,000 in the fourth quarter of 2008. (Telephony) Bernstein’s research follows LRG’s data showing online video is not impacting TV subscriptions. IAB Working to Develop Best Practices for Ads in […] Read more »

If you use Outlook and sometimes get replies to your emails saying, “I think you might have forgotten the attachment,” you should check out Outlook Attachment Reminder, a simple VBScript macro. When you click the Send button it checks the body of the email for “attach” […] Read more »

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