Stories for Feb. 26, 2009

Product integration and branded content are taking over entertainment! Whether that sentence reads like an exciting opportunity or a doomsday proclamation depends on your attitude, but either way it’s especially true in online video, where traditional advertising methods haven’t proved to be especially lucrative. As a […] Read more »

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When Intel announced its low-power Silverthorne chip in 2007 aimed at the mobile computing market, the folks at Centaur Technology, who had been designing low-power x86 chips for mobiles under Taiwanese parent company VIA Technologies, were vindicated. They also suddenly faced direct competition from the giant […] Read more »

Tiger Woods’ return to golf didn’t end in victory (he was ousted today), but it did generate some big numbers for The site announced today that it served more than 2.5 million streams during the first round of the World Golf Championships – Accenture Match […] Read more »

Given the tone of his speech before Congress earlier this week and his support of clean energy infrastructure as a tool for economic recovery, it’s no surprise that the outline of President Obama’s 2010 budget proposal, released today, includes increased funding for the Department of Energy’s […] Read more »

Nielsen released its January VideoCensus data today, reporting that total video streams over the course of the month crossed the 10 billion mark, and the overall number of unique viewers surpassed 135 million. Thank you, President Obama, for live-streaming your inauguration. As a point of comparison, […] Read more »

As more of us hop on our 3G-connected smartphones or netbooks, and future 4G connections offer the promise of wired-like speeds via wireless networks, Ars Technica has posted a great article on how regulators in Canada are weighing the issue of network neutrality over wireless networks. […] Read more »

Honda Motor Co. has been toiling away at ethanol research since before hybrids moved in from the fringe of autoshows and well before deriving the stuff from corn ignited a heated debate over food vs. fuel. Today the company said it will build a large-scale plant […] Read more »

Talk about a non-starter. Back in April of last year HP decided to reinvent the online storage wheel by introducing their own backup service, named HP Upline. It came. It never quite got off the ground. And now, it’s officially joining the deadpool. Just in case […] Read more »

These days, we want to carry the contents of our homes with us wherever we go. Books, music, videos…they all represent the proverbial hearth. Of course, thanks to the availability of cheap wireless connections, we are getting rid of another fixture in our homes: the landline phone. Every quarter, there are roughly 3 million fewer landline phones. Now, a few changes of clothes and a computer, and suddenly home is not where the heart is, but where there’s a connection. Read more »

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