Stories for Feb. 27, 2009

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Last night, I attended a dinner hosted by Fortune magazine at the La Mar, a new-ish Peruvian restaurant in San Francisco. The dinner, which was emceed by Fortune magazine managing editor Andy Serwer, attracted more than 20 of the better-known technology industry insiders and investors, among […] Read more »

We’d like to thank this month’s GigaOM sponsors: Concentric: Hosted IT Solutions from Concentric PEER1: Fully Scalable Hosting Solutions Rackspace: Experience Fanatical Support Read more »

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Here’s another weekly round-up of tasty tidbits on the Palm Pre. Information is coming in dribs and drabs, so I use this time as a brief news summary of the phone I’m leaning towards purchasing this summer. New Palm Pre video – This one popped up […] Read more »

I’ve written before about optimizations for home and office Wi-Fi networks and how to keep public Wi-Fi sessions secure. Xirrus has long provided free tools for monitoring Wi-Fi performance, finding hotspots and more. Now, the company is out with Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, and after giving it […] Read more »

Though comScore hasn’t officially released its numbers yet, Hulu was kind enough to share its copy of the VideoMetrix data for January (hence Hulu being highlighted in the chart below). But the big story from the numbers is Google/YouTube, which lept to 6.3 billion videos streamed […] Read more »

Stacey’s words from a year ago are still true, “Mobile video has taken off in a few places such as South Korea and Japan, but for the most part, press releases outnumber the viewers.” Especially in the U.S., where mobile numbers continue to be mini. (Of […] Read more »

Earlier today, the LG Spyder 830 cell phone was recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which said it presented a hazard to the public because it doesn’t hold a connection and has poor voice quality during 911 emergency calls. The recall stems from […] Read more »

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We got an email from an upset former Comcast customer today who discovered a whole bunch of his emails were deleted as a result of the ISP changing its webmail application to Zimbra. According to the reader, now that Comcast is using Zimbra, email left in […] Read more »

[appreview] title=Caught You! image= price=$2.99 url= rating=bronze [/appreview] Oh the sheer horror of it! I’m feeling uneasy at the very thought of my iPhone getting half inched. At the moment, my strongest defense against thieves seems to be keeping my iPhone within a 1-foot radius at […] Read more »

Just in case you missed any of them, here are the five most popular posts on WebWorkerDaily this week: More Efficient RSS Reading In this post, Dawn shares some great tips on how to get more out of your RSS feeds, while spending less time reading […] Read more »

Waiting…Still Waiting: The DOE has yet to disburse $25 billion under a four-year-old loan program for green cars. One complication: It can only award money to “financially viable” companies and projects, and two applicants (GM and Chrysler) must wait another month for feds to decide whether […] Read more »

Earlier this week I visited Centaur Technology, the guys who design the processor for VIA Technologies’ chipsets. Centaur CEO and Founder Glenn Henry chatted with me about low-power processors and the future of mobile computers. But he also graciously showed me around a room known as […] Read more »

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