Stories for Jan. 16, 2009

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Raising the Bar on Emissions Targets: “President-elect Obama’s goal of reducing emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 falls short of the response needed by world leaders to meet the challenge of reducing emissions to levels that will actually spare us the worst effects of climate change,” […] Read more »

– Perform: Online sports media rights distributor Perform has signed a five-year deal with broadcaster Matchroom Sports that will bring pro… Read more »

A battle that will only intensify this year is one currently raging on the video player front, as Microsoft’s Silverlight tries to take down Adobe’s Flash. Silverlight got an Obama boost today as the Presidential Inauguration Committee selected it as the video technology to stream the […] Read more »

Last week, Microsoft released the public beta of Windows 7, the successor to the much-maligned Vista operating system. After spending the past three days testing the system, I’m impressed. Windows 7 proves that the company from Redmond is in no mood to cede control over the […] Read more »

Take the nine California entities that deal with energy — including public utility regulators, power grid operators and the state’s energy planning agency — and roll them into one streamlined Department of Energy helmed by a cabinet-level secretary. That’s what Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed as […] Read more »

Early last year, I did a roundup called 12 Top Zen Apps to Keep You Focused.  It focused on a number of free tools in the category of zenware–mostly applications that do away with the clutter you typically find on your computing desktop. Some of the […] Read more »

Aussie electronics maker Kogan got a few folks excited late last year by announcing the Kogan Agora, the Android equipped smartphone that would be shipping near year’s end.  The company has been taking orders for a while and MobileTechRoundup co-host Matt Miller was excited enough by […] Read more »

The Conservative Party in the UK may be trying to one-up Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the rival Labor Party with its latest cleantech proposal, which calls for the creation of a smart grid that would cover electricity, gas and water customers, potentially cutting energy use […] Read more »

Whoopi Goldberg is both producing and headlining in the new sci-fi web series Stream,  which premiered Jan. 15 on FEARNet.  While the Oscar/Golden Globe/Grammy/Emmy/Tony award-winning actress had all but retired from acting to focus on her participation in daytime coffee klatch The View, the chance to […] Read more »

As cloud computing marches forward, so does the effort to deliver free, open-source solutions that allow organizations to customize their own cost-effective cloud deployments. Some of them, such as Eucalyptus, even duplicate the functions of Amazon’s EC2, eliminating any tough learning curves. OStatic has put together […] Read more »

Venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins has reopened its $500 million Green Growth and $700 million KPCB XIII funds, reaching out to investors for extra cash to support already-backed companies through the economic downturn, peHub reports. The firm will reportedly allow both new and previous investors, an […] Read more »

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