Stories for Mar. 2, 2009

ManiaTV closed operations today, NewTeeVee has confirmed. The final shutdown was expected, as ManiaTV had publicly rushed to find a buyer in recent weeks. The urgency came due to an investor pulling out, according to our sources. At least 15 employees were laid off last week, […] Read more »

Intel’s low-power Atom processor for mobile devices didn’t just get its name because it’s small, but because Intel wanted it to be the building block for the Internet of Things. In a conference call today, Intel announced four new variations on the Atom processor — including […] Read more »

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Do you have the world’s next big idea? Here’s your chance to PITCH. Women 2.0’s third-annual Startup Competition will provide your alpha, beta, or prototype-stage startup with exposure to early stage investors. The judging panel includes investors and experienced startup executives who will provide valuable written […] Read more »

Seems nearly everybody believes the rumored Mac mini is fake. At least, that’s what I see in most of the comments to the published rumors. Predicting what Apple will do next is nearly impossible, and I usually don’t bother going there. But today, what the heck. […] Read more »

Definition of: Netbook (PC Magazine) A subnotebook computer that costs less than $400. The term was coined by Intel in 2008 for computers that use the Intel Atom microprocessor. However, it may refer to small PCs that use non-Intel CPUs such as those made by AMD […] Read more »

I’m often surprised by the number of people who use Microsoft Outlook as their primary email and information manager who don’t also take full advantage of its contact capabilities. While I wouldn’t say it compares with a full blown CRM system, it is certainly a capable […] Read more »

If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably run into MarsEdit at some point or another. Maybe it stuck, maybe it didn’t, but in my experience people who’ve blogged for some reason or another, and who own a Mac, have played with MarsEdit. Whether it appealed to you […] Read more »

Utilities and policymakers have started to warm up to feed-in tariffs for residential and commercial solar systems over the last few years — proposing programs to buy surplus power from customers’ photovoltaic systems as a way to encourage installations. Now there’s something to show for all […] Read more »

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The northeast U.S. is sitting under a big winter storm, including our own Kevin Tofel who may be outside shoveling snow right now, and winter gloves are the accessory of the day.  Those who live in colder climes know all too well the frustration of picking […] Read more »

U.S. President Barack Obama has soured on YouTube, it seems, and with the latest posting of his weekly address chose to embed an Akamai player on his blog and link to an alternate version hosted on Vimeo. In the past YouTube had been his staff’s video […] Read more »

MSI may be the Wind people but they do big notebooks, too, and later today they will be announcing the first gaming notebook to feature the ATI Radeon HD4850 graphics package.  MSI claims the HD4850 will provide desktop gaming performance for this 17-inch notebook. The GT725 […] Read more »

Cartman & Co. are headed for Netflix, as the movie rental company has signed a deal to stream the first nine seasons of South Park through its Watch Instantly service, reports The New York Times today. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have already […] Read more »

The very first LaidOffCamp — think BarCamp for those who have lost their jobs due to the recession — kicks off tomorrow, March 3, at 9 a.m. at Temple in San Francisco. It’s billed as “an ad-hoc gathering of unemployed and nontraditionally employed people (including freelancers, […] Read more »

I’ve been a hardcore Gmail user since the early days, when beta really meant the email service was in its infancy. It’s perfect for managing my email but there are two big things Gmail can’t do that seriously hinder my daily workflow: There’s no easy way […] Read more »

Updated with comment from Fisker Automotive The government isn’t the only one throwing bones to startups these days: private investors have just put a few more chips on luxury plug-in sportscar startup Fisker Automotive, adding $3 million to the $65 million round that the company raised […] Read more »

I’ve made it no secret how Foxmarks has revolutionized my online work.  It synchronizes my Firefox bookmarks and passwords by storing them in the cloud, which makes it a matter of seconds to bring any new machine up to speed for web work.  It is the […] Read more »

Last week, I wrote about more efficient RSS reading through pruning, filtering, prioritization, keyboard shortcuts and more. After spending some time reading the comments on the post and thinking about how I use RSS, I realized how many of my feeds are outside of the typical […] Read more »

It’s a rumor that got a lot of play over the weekend, and for good reason. Two separate, unaffiliated web sites are reporting that Tuesday, March 24 will be the date of an upcoming official Apple event, at which announcements would include new hardware updates. The […] Read more »

Spanish solar power developer Fotowatio said today that it’s buying most of the assets of San Francisco’s MMA Renewable Ventures in a $19.7 million deal, a move that could make Fotowatio one of the largest solar power developers in the U.S. MMA Renewables, part of Baltimore’s […] Read more »

Dish Loses 102,000 Subscribers in Q4; satellite company cautions that its subscriber base could continue to fall as AT&T terminated its reseller agreement to carry the service. (Multichannel News) MeeVee Real-ee Gone; former employees say they haven’t gotten tax forms and the CEO of parent company […] Read more »

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