Stories for Feb. 25, 2009

Updated: Quietly, CD Networks and Panther Express, two also-ran content delivery networks, have merged their businesses. The terms of the deal were not announced, which can also be also be interpreted as a fire sale by one of the parties. Update: A source familiar with one […] Read more »

Nokia sells a lot of $50-$100 phones. In places like India, where I just returned from, Nokia’s ringtone is part of the urban soundscapes. It accounts for about 40 percent of total global handset sales. Much like McDonalds and Coca Cola, Nokia is everywhere. (Except in […] Read more »

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Matt Horton, a principal at @Ventures, tells us he has taken on a new job as the head of biofuel infrastructure startup Propel Biofuels. Propel plans to formally announce its new chief executive on Thursday. Horton has been investing in biofuels since 2004, leading deals in […] Read more »

After a short break that involved a whirlwind trip to New Delhi to see my parents and keynote at WordCamp Delhi, I am back in San Francisco and will be back on the job later tomorrow, or whenever I can kick the jet lag. Regardless, it […] Read more »

Reuters is reporting that Finnish handset giant Nokia has admitted they are considering entering the laptop market.  In an interview in Finland, CEO Pekka Kallasvuo was asked if Nokia plans to make laptops and had this response: “We are looking very actively also at this opportunity…  […] Read more »

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TomTom is focusing its mobile strategy on building a platform for developers to use rather than creating its own apps, said CEO Harold Goddi… Read more »

Earlier today, I found myself sitting at the tail end of a 55,452-person queue for Quake Live, the latest entry in a long line of first-person shooters from id Software, the Mesquite, Texas-based developer best known for PC game franchises Doom and Wolfenstein. Quake Live is […] Read more »

Over the past few weeks, we’ve published a series of posts from WWD blogger Dawn Foster about the steps she’s taken to improve her time management. If you missed any of them, you should definitely check them out as they contain lots of useful nuggets of […] Read more »

If you’re a Firefox user, you undoubtedly already know that one of the huge advantages of the browser is the big galaxy of useful extensions you can use with it. Last year, we mentioned a drawing tool extension called Pencil that went on to get an […] Read more »

This must be “Update iTunes Content” week at Cupertino or something, because Apple keeps making changes to the music player. First it introduced iTunes Pass, which provides superfans with heaps of exclusive content released on a staggered schedule over a brief subscription period, and now it’s […] Read more »

Japan Mulls Feed-In Tariff : Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is pushing for a feed-in tariff that would guarantee a price (to be paid by utilities) for surplus electricity from residential solar systems for about a decade. — Reuters Plan B: Hack the Climate: […] Read more »

Sometime between last night and this morning, Apple released a minor update to the Apple TV. The new software version is 2.3.1 and includes a new network test function and other fixes that haven’t been listed by Apple as of this time. The update, just like […] Read more »

If you’re an irritated Time Warner Cable customer in Los Angeles who has been experiencing crappy service for the last week, you can blame the zombies. Time Warner emailed to let us know that it has determined that a denial of service attack against its DNS […] Read more »

In a video last month, I pointed out a free mobile application from Microsoft called Tag Reader. Using the software with your mobile phone camera, Tag Reader takes you to a web page specific to the multicolored Tag. Since there’s no lengthy URL input, Tag Reader […] Read more »

Back in the desktop software era, magazines ran software reviews in which the side-by-side comparisons of features took up an entire page. Buyers used these reviews to shortlist vendors, trying to anticipate which features they’d need over the next five years. Typically, the software with the most features won. Feature-itis ruled. But with software as a service, the focus has become whether the tool is good enough on day one and how well it will adapt over time. Indeed, in order to evaluate SaaS, those page-long feature comparisons can be whittled down to just seven critical questions. Read more »

Around these parts, we don’t hear much about EV-DO Rev. B. Sprint and Verizon Wireless since both adopted the Rev. A implementation but each is moving on to hopefully greener pastures: Sprint is embracing WiMAX, while Verizon plans for LTE. The upgrade market for faster EV-DO […] Read more »

GE’s got its massive Ecomagination green product line that churns out wind turbines, smart meters and water filtration technology, but the conglomerate has another green side: cleantech VC. GE’s VP of its Ecomagination division, Steve Fludder, told an audience at the Cleantech Forum this morning that […] Read more »

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