Stories for Mar. 3, 2009

Netbooks — small, light and inexpensive portable computers — have become very popular in the past year, and come in enough flavors that many web workers may want to consider getting one. I use an Asus Eee PC netbook as a secondary machine for mobile work, […] Read more »

We know that news video is huge online, but it’s not just another vertical amid masses of TV clips, virals and personal video. That was one major takeaway from the Beet.TV roundtable I helped moderate this morning in San Francisco. Here are some quotes and notes: […] Read more »

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Working at home is wonderful.  The commute is about 30 seconds and rarely is interrupted with traffic conditions or adverse weather.  It’s a great way to work, but having done it for a while I know all too well that sometimes you have to change your […] Read more »

At a hearing about smart grid technology held today on Capitol Hill, the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s deputy director, Patrick Gallagher, summed up the big unknown for policymakers and potential smart grid players when he said: “The question of timing is front and center […] Read more »

Evernote is an online note-taking application that has spread like wildfire over the past few years.  It’s a cloud-based application that also works hand-in-hand with local clients on the Mac and Windows platforms.  They also have mobile clients for Windows Mobile smartphones to leverage note-taking.  The […] Read more »

Along with all the hardware updates, Apple has released a few software updates as well. AirPort Client Update 2009-001 AirPort Utility 5.4.1 AirPort Utility 5.4.1 Windows The Airport Client and Airport Utility Updates add support for the latest Airport Extreme and Time Capsule models announced earlier […] Read more »

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Corporate social networking company Socialtext adds to its product lineup today. Building on the theories of collaboration and networking that Socialtext founder Ross Mayfield and I discussed previously, the new additions are intended to improve collaboration and teamwork by binding the “loose ties” in an organization […] Read more »

ComScore sent us its overall VideoMetrix numbers for January, plugging in a few of the holes leftover from the rankings we received via Hulu last week. Somewhat surprisingly, in a month that had President Obama’s inauguration attract tremendous audiences, the number of total unique viewers dropped […] Read more »

[appreview] title=Tap Tap Revenge 2 image= price=FREE url= rating=gold [/appreview] Taking the iPhone’s potential even further, Tapulous is here to show us how games can play good and sound awesome. The Tap Tap Revenge series has come a long way since its humble beginnings almost two […] Read more »

Can music-oriented social-networking site Imeem get consumers to pay to get music on their cell phones that they could otherwise listen to f… Read more »

Sixtron Advanced Materials, a company that has developed an anti-reflective coating system for solar cells, said Tuesday that one of the world’s top three solar-cell-manufacturing-equipment suppliers has agreed to buy multiple coating systems with the aim of making all of its manufacturing lines “Sixtron compatible.” The […] Read more »

It was just in January that the folks who produce the Eye-Fi SD memory/ WiFi card announced a new product, but they aren’t sitting still.  The new Eye-Fi cards bump the memory up to 4 GB to help handle all of that HD video you might […] Read more » Last week, word started to leak that ASUS was planning an Eee PC Shell netbook. Sure enough, they’ve just unveiled it at CeBIT and it sports the 1008HA moniker. Like others in the Eee PC 1000-line, this device offers a 10-inch display. What makes it […] Read more »

The Airport Extreme and Time Capsule were updated today with some new features that, while they don’t change the basic capabilities of the devices, do make them more flexible. Both devices now offer “guest networking” and simultaneous dual-band networks. All of the new features apply equally […] Read more »

Raise money, or sell your assets. Those are the options many solar companies are facing these days as looming oversupply and the global economic crisis threaten to shake out the sector. Today, solar service provider SunEdison said it managed to close a $20 million deal with […] Read more »

One of the dangers of web working is that of getting stuck in a rut. Not that people working in traditional settings aren’t also affected by this professional pitfall. In fact, web workers are probably better off than most because more decisions about how and where […] Read more »

Prepaid phone company MetroPCS says it hopes to deploy LTE, the next-generation wireless standard, beginning in 2010, according to Tom Keys, chief operating officer of the company. Keys spoke with me at the MetroPCS headquarters today in Richardson, Texas. While he couldn’t lay out a definite […] Read more »

Gina Trapani, formerly of Lifehacker, now has her own great site/ blog Smarterware.  I’ve been following Gina since she moved, and she always has good information to share with us all.  She recently asked her Twitter buddies if they owned a netbook, and if so, what […] Read more »

After months and months of waiting, the new Mac mini turns out to be exactly what all the rumors said it was going to be — the same exterior design with some changes to the ports on the back. And while the visible changes are fairly […] Read more »

TiVo Lost 125,000 Subs in Latest Quarter; total number of subs is now at 3.34 million, roughly the same April of 2005 (see TiVo’s subscriber chart at TV by the Numbers). Amidst the slow death of its hardware business, TiVo has struck separate deals with Alticast, […] Read more »

Energy management startup Tendril thinks consumers will want to control their home energy consumption via their cell phone. The Boulder, Colorado-based company already has an iPhone application, but at the DEMO conference this afternoon Tendril CEO Adrian Tuck plans to show off a mobile application called […] Read more »

eSolar, a startup that claims to leverage algorithms and software to bring down the cost of solar power thermal plants, has signed its second licensing and investment deal in as many weeks. These deals prove promising for the startup as the company has been pretty quiet […] Read more »

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