Stories for Mar. 2, 2009

Last week, I wrote about more efficient RSS reading through pruning, filtering, prioritization, keyboard shortcuts and more. After spending some time reading the comments on the post and thinking about how I use RSS, I realized how many of my feeds are outside of the typical […] Read more »

It’s a rumor that got a lot of play over the weekend, and for good reason. Two separate, unaffiliated web sites are reporting that Tuesday, March 24 will be the date of an upcoming official Apple event, at which announcements would include new hardware updates. The […] Read more »

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Spanish solar power developer Fotowatio said today that it’s buying most of the assets of San Francisco’s MMA Renewable Ventures in a $19.7 million deal, a move that could make Fotowatio one of the largest solar power developers in the U.S. MMA Renewables, part of Baltimore’s […] Read more »

Dish Loses 102,000 Subscribers in Q4; satellite company cautions that its subscriber base could continue to fall as AT&T terminated its reseller agreement to carry the service. (Multichannel News) MeeVee Real-ee Gone; former employees say they haven’t gotten tax forms and the CEO of parent company […] Read more »

Psion took aim at Intel last week for the alleged theft of its netbook trademark and asked for three times the value of any profits earned from the use of the trademark, which would equate to about $1.2 billion in damages. Our colleagues over at jkOnTheRun […] Read more »

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Just because you’re among the world’s wealthiest doesn’t mean you’re good at investing in clean technologies. The London Times has released a “Green Rich List,” which looks at the world’s top wealthiest people that have some sort of investment in clean technology — from alternative vehicles […] Read more »

We discuss Gmail quite a lot here at WebWorkerDaily, especially when there’s a new feature to play with from Gmail Labs. Canned Responses certainly isn’t a new feature, but it’s high time we looked at how it can be beneficial to the web worker. The truth […] Read more »

The wireless industry is poised at a precipice between the potential for incredible growth and a recession that could deepen and set wireless data adoption back, according to analysis by Chetan Sharma of Chetan Sharma Consulting. He writes in his 2008 year-end and fourth-quarter analysis that […] Read more »

Since first appearing in Tiger, Automator has brought programming to the masses in a simple drag and drop interface. An entire ecosystem has sprung up around Automator, using its ability to create and distribute complex workflows and actions, and the ability for developers to provide Automator […] Read more »

Email, which underpins everything we do online, hasn’t changed very much over the last decade or so. In fact, the ever-increasing number of messages to follow (estimated to be some 210 billion per day in 2008) means that email takes up way too much time and […] Read more »

Intermolecular, a company that has developed a process used by semiconductor companies like AMD to speed up research and development of chip technology, says it’s ready to expand into the solar market. It is already “deep in discussions” with several potential thin-film and crystalline-silicon solar customers, […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 1, 2009

I have been skeptical about both OLPC and the netbooks (which I think are nothing but really really cheap laptops) because I believe that phones — smart or not — are the present and future of technology. That reality is brought into sharp focus every single […] Read more »

[qi:___wimax] WiMAX, despite losing attention and mindshare in the U.S., seems to be thriving across the planet. Business Standard, an Indian newspaper, reports that Huawei, Telsima and Alvarion are three of the companies shortlisted for the $1 billion WiMAX network being built by BSNL, the state-owned […] Read more »

Jeff Bezos, when he was peddling the new Kindle on Charlie Rose the other night, kept using the word “seamless.” He wasn’t talking about the device itself, of course, but the experience of the customer that uses it. Whatever you think about the Kindle, Bezos’ choice […] Read more »

Former Internet entrepreneurs that have moved into the energy biz are fond of comparing the Net to the power grid. One of their favorite forward-thinking claims is that in a similar way to how the Internet created a market to sell goods via broadband, a smarter […] Read more »

So you’ve been downsized. Or you’ve bailed before being booted because you saw the writing on the wall. Or maybe you skipped the steady paycheck for a go at being a freelancer. Whatever the reason you are out there on your own now, we’ve compiled a list of apps you’ll need to run your web working business. Read more »

Before I left for India, I asked folks at, a Sausalito, Calif.-based company that that tracks employee satisfaction, to run a custom query for me. I wanted to find out which 10 publicly traded companies had the best pay packages for their engineers. Whenever we […] Read more »

Take a look at this vision of the future produced by Microsoft, and imagine what life would be like with these tools.  It’s simply extraordinary.  Once you hit the site in the link above, click on “Future Vision: Montage” in the right video sidebar.  Sorry, their […] Read more »

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