Stories for Mar. 4, 2009

The much anticipated app market for the BlackBerry is going live soon, according to RIM.  The market will be known as the BlackBerry App World and interested crackberries can sign up tonight to be notified when the App World will go live. Read more »

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For the record, Dow Jones has further confirmation that China Unicom and Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) are talking about a deal for the iPhone, says CE… Read more »

Red Giant Software is a company that develops special effects applications for film and video editing, with credits in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Vanilla Sky, Grindhouse, and more. These applications are offered in two formats, as standalone applications or as plug-ins for most industry-leading […] Read more »

Facebook today announced several (and somewhat big) changes to their homepage/newsfeed, as well as the removal of most distinctions between public pages and profiles. These changes are an attempt to take on Twitter, which Facebook failed to acquire late last year. Facebook has always been the […] Read more »

CBS (NYSE: CBS) seems to see a big market for itself on the iPhone… Days after releasing a iPhone application two more have been an… Read more »

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Hours after news of Universal Music Group and YouTube’s closed-door efforts to create a music video portal comes word about a startup shutting down that did exactly the same thing. PluggedIn, which launched only in April ’08, had 10,000 music videos from Universal, Sony BMG and […] Read more »

[appreview] title=Smack Me image= price=$2.99 url= rating=bronze [/appreview] These days, gaming is all about getting physical: tilting and shaking, shouting and whispering and now apparently the occasional bit of pinching and smacking. Sounds like fun! All this talk of touching reminds me of a great toy […] Read more »

WMPoweruser caught wind of HTC’s handset roadmap on a Chinese site and grabbed what specs they could through translation. Long story short: If you were impressed by the HTC Touch Pro 2 and Touch Diamond 2, you’ll like what else HTC has in store for 2009. […] Read more »

Over the past few weeks we’ve been running a series of Web Work 101 posts. Whatever your reason for joining the growing ranks of  web workers — whether your new business means that you’re working from home for the first time, you’ve been laid off and […] Read more »

It’s been a few weeks since the FedEx man stopped by for a visit. Maybe the joy I show with each delivery has scared him off; who knows? This time he dropped off a loaner Celio REDFLY C8N and Sprint Treo 800w to try. For those […] Read more »

A Nokia executive said today that the company has committed to LTE as its preferred network for devices, and plans to launch devices for those networks in 2010. James Harper, senior manager of technology marketing at Nokia, speaking at a PCCA meeting held in Grapevine, Texas, […] Read more »

As these things go, is an old-timer among cloud file storage options, having been around for four years now. Without a network sync component like Windows LiveSync (aka FolderShare) and DropBox, competes by focusing on reliability and accessibility. Once a file is uploaded to […] Read more »

Cleantech Deep Dive: The first report in a thorough three-part series on how companies are navigating this make-or-break period for cleantech looks at why startups that look a little like Google may be the big winners. — CNET’s Green Tech Green Dreams Dashed: The 2007 climate […] Read more »

Full seasons of Showtime’s original series are coming to iPhones and iPod Touches in April. BUT they’ll be password protected, so as to only be available to voting members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The app, powered by mobile video startup Transpera, is […] Read more » We normally don’t condone touching your contacts, but today we’ll make an exception for Fring. The all-in-one VoIP, chat and social network contact book application just outed a version for Nokia’s ExpressMusic 5800. The 5800 uses a resistive touchscreen to interact with the Symbian S60 […] Read more »

It was the Postbox tagline that caught my eye. “Focus. Find. Free your email,” it read. To which my brain responded: I want that. So I went and got it. Postbox is an email client, based on Thunderbird. The beta version is a free download from […] Read more »

Traffic tie-ups aren’t just a headache for drivers, they can also be a significant source of pollution. But new, low-cost, wireless sensors could offer real-time information on traffic hotspots, potentially helping to clear up the congestion, and clear the air. UK researchers are showing off a […] Read more »

I admit it. I can’t live without 1Password from Agile Web Solutions on my Mac. This $39.95 software is a stellar password manager and form-filler application that works with Safari 3.0, Firefox 2.0-3.0, Camino 1.5, and the OmniWeb 5.7 browsers. There’s also a support for the […] Read more »

Mozilla recently released Thunderbird 3 Beta 2, another stop along the road to the final release of Thunderbird 3. Thunderbird is a full-featured, open-source email client originally based on the old Mozilla suite browser’s Mail module, which in turn derived from the ancient Netscape Communicator Messenger […] Read more »

Bindu Reddy and Arvind Sundararajan, both ex-Googlers, today announced the launch of their startup, Likaholix, which lets you curate things you like on the web. You sign up, create a profile and bookmark your likes — books, movies, things, places, hotels and anything you fancy. Sounds […] Read more »

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