Stories for Mar. 5, 2009

If you were a Deadwood fan, but found yourself wishing occasionally for a little less cursing and a lot more philosophy, Heathens might be for you. Seeking to answer the question, “If Freedom was a place, what would it look like?” the 28-episode indie web series […] Read more »

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Multimedia-based mobile phones with independent apps are all the rage these days, thanks in large part to the iPhone and its successful, market-equalizing App Store. It seems like every new product touts an open SDK, hoping a killer app will herd consumers and lead it to […] Read more »

I’ve been waiting for a real differentiator in the “me-too” netbook space for a while. In December, I pulled out my crystal ball (OK, it’s really a toy Magic 8 Ball) and saw a Qualcomm netbook running Android. Today, DigiTimes says that ASUS is considering a […] Read more »

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2009 could prove to be the year of geothermal in the U.S. The number of new geothermal projects in the country has risen 25 percent since last August alone, according to report out this week from the Geothermal Energy Association, an industry trade group. But what’s […] Read more »

The construction industry may be global, but standards for green buildings are not. That’s starting to change, however, as this week green building councils in Australia, the UK and the U.S. signed an agreement to develop common metrics for measuring carbon emissions from new homes and […] Read more »

One of the best features of Skyfire’s server-based web rendering is how it can play almost any type of embedded video.  This is unique among mobile browsers, and Skyfire is pushing that advantage with the announcement today that it’s inked an agreement with Ustream TV that […] Read more »

Texas Instruments is looking to hop on the trend of using non x86 processors in the data center, according to Kathy Brown, general manager of the company’s wireless base station infrastructure business. Last night over dinner, Brown said the wireless chip powerhouse was trying to build […] Read more »

VentureBeat’s inaugural conference for the gaming industry’s top players will be held on March 24, 2009, at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. GamesBeat will feature some of the biggest names in the gaming industry representing the multiple ways gaming will shape our experience […] Read more » says that its ad inventory for the upcoming March Madness On Demand (MMOD) is nearly sold out and that revenues generated by the web video product are approaching $30 million. Senior VP and General Manager Jason Kint told MediaWeek that ad revenue would be […] Read more »

I’m hoping we have some more Palm Pre news this time next week. Late yesterday, we got an invite to an exclusive webcast, courtesy of Palm and Sprint. Here’s the limited info I have at the moment. Palm and Sprint will walk though their partnership and […] Read more »

An attribute of Apple’s OS X operating system that I love above nearly all others is that there’s so much power beneath the simple and elegant interface. Although there are many undocumented features of OS X, we’re going to look at some that are fairly well […] Read more »

Ford Sees EV-Filled Future: Ford Motor Co expects electric vehicles to represent a “major portion” of its lineup within 10-12 years, according to CEO Alan Mulally. — Reuters Mitsubishi Moves Into Solar: Mitsubishi Corp. has bought a 34 percent stake in the world’s largest photovoltaic power […] Read more »

It’s easy to understand why URL-shortening tools such as TinyURL and are popular on the social web. For web workers, the ability to quickly absorb, organize, package, and redistribute information is a critical and demanding task. BurnURL, a new service produced by ReadBurner (first mentioned […] Read more »

A dig through biofuel maker Changing World Technologies’ SEC filings earlier this week (prompted by a report from southwest Missouri’s Carthage Press) revealed the signs of a company teetering on the brink. Yesterday CWT confirmed our take on the company’s dire situation, announcing late in the […] Read more »

GSM-based technologies account for a whopping 81 percent of the world’s 4 billion mobile subscriptions, according to numbers released today by Wireless Intelligence. Coming in as the runner-up is Qualcomm’s CDMA, with 10 percent of the world’s subscribers, 100 million of whom are in North America. […] Read more »

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