Stories for Mar. 6, 2009

Talk about getting kicked while you’re down. Already, the biodiesel industry has seen its margins squeezed since petroleum prices plummeted last fall. Now, the news coming out of Brussels earlier this week is that the European Union plans to slap punitive tariffs on imports of U.S. […] Read more »

MoTR 164 is 31:50 minutes long and is a 29.2 MB file in MP3 format. CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly. HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) TOPICS: Kindle 2 tops the news again with an iPhone app. […] Read more »

[qi:090] An alert reader sent me a link to a patent filed published yesterday by Embarq, the wireline carrier currently trying to merge with CenturyTel. The patent is for a “universal femto cell,” and the gist of the patent is to create a femtocell that will […] Read more »

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While we were expecting new firmware for previous generation Airport Extreme and Time Capsule devices to drop this week, some will be disappointed that this update does not magically update the hardware as well. Airport Firmware 7.4.1 enables the Back to my Mac disk sharing feature […] Read more »

It’s time for my weekly summary of Palm Pre news and there didn’t seem to be much. That will hopefully change next due to the first bullet point on our roundup: Palm and Sprint are co-hosting an invite-only webcast on Thursday, March 12th. We’ll be there […] Read more »

Many freelancers I know, including myself, have outsourced tasks to subcontractors at least once. From a virtual assistant to the odd “extra hand” you hire from time to time, it’s common to have someone else help you with a project. Doing so makes you more productive, and allows you to take on large projects that you can’t handle yourself.

Still, it’s tough to keep an effective relationship between the primary contractor (you) and the subcontractor (your hired help). Subcontractors can make mistakes that interrupt your workflow, hurt the project, or altogether defeat the purpose of hiring them.

So, what are these subcontractor mistakes you need to watch out for? Read more »

No Over-the-Top Threat from Time Warner; Comcast May Not Charge; more detail on cable operators’ online video plans. (VideoNuze) Robert Scoble Leaves Fast Company TV; sponsor Seagate backed out; blogger doesn’t say what his next gig will be. (TechCrunch, Scobleizer) NBC Wants Branded Web Content; NBCU […] Read more »

For young companies toiling over how to convert plant waste and non-food crops into ethanol — the next generation of biofuels — the effects of the downturn are starting to play a familiar beat: access to capital is so limited that companies that could have snagged […] Read more »

12 tips to turn tech executives into green experts. (Earth2Tech) Why is Google Android stalled? (OStatic) How good is Zoho Writer 2.0 really? (WebWorkerDaily) Changing nature of virality: Facebook and Twitter. (NewTeeVee) Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 notebook reviewed. (jkOnTheRun) Blackberry App World vs. iTunes App Store. (theAppleBlog) Read more »

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There is very little reason to depend on a hard drive-based application for your word processing needs these days. Google Docs provides everything most users will ever need; you already have it if you have a Gmail account, and it works offline, thanks to Google Gears. […] Read more »

Just a quick heads-up before we get into some heads-down work today: Dell is offering some instant savings today on their Mini 9 and Mini 12 devices. The base Mini 9 with Microsoft Windows XP Home, 1GB of RAM, 1.6GHz Intel Atom and 8GB SSD drive […] Read more »

Several organizations, including the Free Press, Mozilla and some rural carriers, have asked the Federal Communication Commission to forbid exclusive deals between device makers and carriers. You know, like the deal AT&T has with the iPhone, or the myriad others that keep certain hot phones with […] Read more »

Less than a month after Hulu yanked its content from Boxee, the open source media platform has reinstated the premium content service — albeit it in a not-quite-as-elegant manner. Via Boxee blog post: we’ve decided to enable access to their favorite content using a new built-in […] Read more »

There are many aspects of the iPhone that I wish were more developed. Better usability. Time-saver shortcuts. Visual enhancements. Missing functionality. We each have our own list of what is missing, what we would love to have, and what we would love to see in a […] Read more »

Something that web workers deal with throughout the day but don’t spend a lot of time talking about is the deluge of e-mail alerts, updates, and notifications that batter us like a cacophonous rain of data throughout the day, much of it due to the social […] Read more »

Ecotality, a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company that makes fast electric vehicle chargers and energy storage, is moving up in the world. The firm has lined up a big-name partner, saying today that it will work with Nissan North America to set up an electric vehicle charging network […] Read more »

Spanish operator Telefónica has signed up to launch 100% Mobile, a mobile portal and shop managed by Player X Distribution. The portal will… Read more »

Better Place Founder and CEO Shai Agassi’s vision of building out charging infrastructure and battery-swapping stations for electric vehicles was never going to be easy to implement. But turmoil in the world’s financial markets and mounting deficits in government budgets have raised new hurdles for the […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 5, 2009

Spanish operator Telefónica has signed up to launch 100% Mobile, a mobile portal and shop managed by Player X Distribution. The portal will… Read more »

As the recession forces companies to slash jobs right and left, one of the more secure positions is turning out to be that of Chief Sustainability Officer. Increasingly, companies across the board are including the job of marrying business performance to environmental performance among their C-level […] Read more »

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