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Sources in the telecommunications world have been telling me that Sprint is testing Long Term Evolution, or LTE, equipment, which seems a bit odd given Sprint’s cheerleading for WiMAX and 51 percent stake in Clearwire, which is building out a nationwide WiMAX network. I asked Sprint […] Read more »

There once was a company called Neokast, which made live-streaming P2P software and received positive if unspecific coverage from this and other sites in early 2007. One writer in particular, Robert X. Cringely, pitched the startup as the second coming. Now, he’s learned that Neokast fell […] Read more »

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Phones are so personal in nature that it seems if you like one, you really like it.  The same holds true if you don’t like a given phone: odds are you absolutely hate it.  Om Malik has been looking for that right phone since giving up […] Read more »

Remember Integrity Manufacturing? It was a metal fabrication company that had a partnership with electric vehicle maker ZAP to build a new assembly plant in Franklin, Ky. The deal had clearly been having issues over the past couple of months, as Integrity Manufacturing told the local […] Read more »

The first thing I look at when looking at a new application is the feature list. Many of those feature lists tend to be really long, and most of the time I find myself using an app without taking advantage of its lesser-known features. A program’s […] Read more »

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who previously called figuring out how to make money on YouTube the “holy grail” and “our highest priority this year” (back in 2008), has a new appraisal of the enormous video site’s monetization efforts: halfway there. “We’re not where we need to […] Read more »

A fresh look at the Internet set-top box market. (NewTeeVee) Cisco eyeing Flip maker, Pure Digital. (NewTeeVee) Tetherberry will let you use your BlackBerry as a modem. (jkOnTheRun) Here come green social networks. (Earth2Tech) An app store for jailbroken iPhones. (theAppleBlog) How to survive spring break […] Read more »

Hoping to dust itself off after the global credit crunch forced it to halt production a few months ago, Norwegian car maker Think is gunning to launch the all-electric City in the U.S. by next year. Think has long intended to bring its vehicles stateside, starting […] Read more »

It emerged over the weekend that Verizon Wireless was trying to share your cell phone data with “affiliates, agents and parent companies.” David Weinberger read the fine print on a recent 45-page Verizon mailing to discover that tidbit, and posted a really clear set of instructions […] Read more »

As expected, the New York Times Company (NYSE: NYT) has reached a deal on the sale-leaseback of its midtown headquarters with investment fir… Read more »

Watch Subtle Watchmen Ads Through Innovid; video ad placement company changes up posters hung in the background of Kyle Piccolo — Comic Shop Therapist depending on who is watching ad what placements have been seen. (Ad Age) Kutiman Makes Ultimate YouTube Jam Band; Israeli musician blend […] Read more »

I love Spring Break… when there’s a trip involved. Alas, I haven’t taken a real vacation since Spring Break 2002. Sure, my family took a road trip from Dallas to San Antonio and Austin last year, but that was no vacation between the drive and a volleyball tournament (the real reason for the trip). If you’re one of the lucky ones taking a vacation, here are some tips for packing.

This year, one kid has driver’s ed classes for the week, another takes a test and some have a few appointments. So this Spring Break gives us an opportunity to catch up and do things that we don’t want to do during the school year. But that doesn’t mean the thought of the younger two staying home all week doesn’t stress me out. The 5-year-old and 10-year-old argue, then come growling or crying into Mom’s office.

So what can you do to manage kids during Spring Break if you stay home? Read more »

Startup SynapSense said today that it has pulled in $7 million in financing for its wireless energy-efficiency systems, designed to cut down the carbon footprint of energy-hungry data centers. The Folsom, Calif.-based startup offers a wireless monitoring system that tracks real-time thermal, pressure, and humidity readings […] Read more »

Startup SynapSense said today that it has pulled in $7 million in financing for its wireless energy-efficiency systems, designed to cut down the carbon footprint of energy-hungry data centers. The Folsom, Calif.-based startup also says it is pushing its technology into other, non-data-center markets, too — […] Read more »

At the risk of sounding like a gossip rag, more rumors are floating around that an Apple netbook is in the works. This time, we even have a possible production date: third quarter of this year. China’s Commercial Times (via DigiTimes) is the source. Wintek, an […] Read more »

Clearwire announced a slightly scaled back rollout of its WiMAX network last Thursday, but analysts still believe the wireless operator will have to stretch itself to pay for its nationwide network. Chris King, a analyst at Stifel Nicolaus, thinks Clearwire will need $2 billion to $4 […] Read more »

As someone who enjoys a decent roller coaster from time to time, I’m always intrigued by theme park and coaster applications. When I heard about SkyCoaster for the iPhone, I had to give it a try. It’s a simple roller coaster simulator, offering a variety of […] Read more »

Scheduling service TimeBridge (previously reviewed on WWD) announced today that they’ve come out with a personal conferencing service that is fully integrated into their scheduling application. The company seems to be working on rounding out a more complete set of scheduling and communications tools particularly handy […] Read more »

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