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Enterprise adoption is the Holy Grail for cloud computing software vendors, and Appistry is prepping to play the role of Sir Galahad. The St. Louis-based company today released its new CloudIQ Manager product,which offers the ability to port nearly any enterprise application to the cloud, and […] Read more »

Alt-Fuel Freeway: The governors of California, Oregon and Washington are considering a plan to make Interstate 5 a “green freeway,” installing batter charging and swap stations, plus biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen and compressed natural gas fuel pumps along the West Coast route from Canada to Mexico. — […] Read more »

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Palm (NSDQ: PALM) has announced it will raise money by exercising its right to remarket approximately 18.5 million common shares — the 49 p… Read more »

I first mentioned a beta version of eReader for the BlackBerry platform a few weeks ago and at that time the public release was supposed to be “any day now”. That time stretched out a little longer than a few days as the eReader folks were […] Read more »

AltSearchEngines has a couple of posts up that should be of interest to web workers who frequently travel. SeatGuru, a great site for planning out which airplane seat to sit in and which amenities your seat will provide, has been steadily adding site visitor reviews and […] Read more »

The U.S. Senate is starting to look harder at the nexus between energy and water. Tomorrow, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing on a bill introduced last week that would direct the Department of Energy to develop a roadmap for addressing […] Read more »

Movie/game tie-ins are as old as the original NES and, as a booming gaming platform, the iPhone/iPod touch are no less susceptible to this continuing trend. To that end, here’s a listing of games for your touch device that are based on a movie (Note: All […] Read more »

Is it time for a watch that doubles as a phone? Hyundai Mobile UK must think so because they’re launching the MB-910 late next quarter for around £200, SIM-free. The device is already sold in other European nations. At 58 x 44 x 16 mm, there’s […] Read more »

Some Asian news outlets are reporting rumors that suggest Apple is working on a touchscreen netbook-like device. Such a device has been rumored for a while, and just as it redefined the MP3 player experience and reinvented the iPhone, Apple is going to pursue the netbook opportunity. But it won’t be with anything like the cheap, anorexic laptops being sold as netbooks today. Read more »

Clearwire today named William Morrow, a former executive at Vodafone and Pacific Gas & Electric, to the CEO position — replacing co-founder and current CEO Ben Wolff. Wolff will become a co-chairman at the WiMAX operator, alongside curent chairman Craig McCaw. Morrow was recently president and […] Read more »

Though Bruce Branit completed World Builder — a poignant and visually dazzling short movie about a man who literally creates a new reality for the woman he loves — in 2007, it’s likely that far more people have seen it this March than in the last […] Read more »

Last week ,we reviewed gwabbit, an app that aims to automatically pull contact data from emails in Outlook. Scott Blitstein was positive about gwabbit, but it didn’t work as well for me when I tried it: sometimes it was unable to extract my contact data, even […] Read more »

eBay (NSDQ: EBAY) CEO John Donohoe plans to highlight the promise of its PayPal payments unit during the company’s annual meeting March 11,… Read more »

Sources in the telecommunications world have been telling me that Sprint is testing Long Term Evolution, or LTE, equipment, which seems a bit odd given Sprint’s cheerleading for WiMAX and 51 percent stake in Clearwire, which is building out a nationwide WiMAX network. I asked Sprint […] Read more »

There once was a company called Neokast, which made live-streaming P2P software and received positive if unspecific coverage from this and other sites in early 2007. One writer in particular, Robert X. Cringely, pitched the startup as the second coming. Now, he’s learned that Neokast fell […] Read more »

Phones are so personal in nature that it seems if you like one, you really like it.  The same holds true if you don’t like a given phone: odds are you absolutely hate it.  Om Malik has been looking for that right phone since giving up […] Read more »

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