Stories for Mar. 10, 2009

Our mobile phones are getting smarter, even as our laptops are getting dumber. Instead of packing fast processors into a notebook, PC makers are stripping them down into netbooks and other devices they can sell for less. Meanwhile, our mobile phones are looking more like mini […] Read more »

Auditude, a startup that enables media companies to profit from user uploads of their content, has raised $10.5 million from Redpoint Ventures and Greylock Partners. The company, which we’ve paid close attention to, has altogether raised $23 million in institutional funding. Palo Alto, Calif.-based Auditude currently […] Read more »

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Although it’s hard to find buyers for even small newspapers these days, News Corp (NYSE: NWS). is making an exception — picking up The Broo… Read more »

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When Google’s Latitude location service launched, one of the main problems users experienced was that the service only located users’ Google contacts — it didn’t include access to the most popular social networks, through which many users connect with friends. Therefore, it was only natural that […] Read more »

Solar companies might be shedding jobs at an uncomfortable rate right now, but the U.S. solar industry is expected to provide a good 440,000 permanent jobs by the year 2016, according to researchers at Navigant Consulting. While those job figures are substantial, when it comes to […] Read more »

Going through the day-to-day realities of web crawling I find myself using the Favorites or Bookmarks feature of browsers less and less. Oddly enough, however, this statement is coming from the same guy with thousands of them backed up on multiple drives. Early this week, I […] Read more »

Today, the three agencies responsible for allocating the $7.2 billion in stimulus funds for broadband met in Washington, D.C. The bottom line appeared to be a lot of hot air, including FCC promises of an open process to deliver a national broadband strategy within one year, […] Read more »

As it ventures into renewable energy, 3M is also making strides in its other energy business: batteries. The Minnesota-based manufacturer is already a primary supplier of cathode and anode materials to most of the world’s major battery suppliers and is credited with helping battery makers deliver […] Read more »

As carriers evaluate their Long Term Evolution 4G network deployments, voice has becoming a sticking point. LTE is an all-Internet-Protocol data network that offers speed, capacity and a lower cost per bit, but what is doesn’t offer is the same circuit-switched voice technology of current cellular […] Read more »

Often my reviews here at WebWorkerDaily are peeks at beta or early release versions of an application or service. While I think it is useful to provide these sneak peeks, it is often in the first couple months of a product’s life when a lot of […] Read more »

EPA Reveals Emission Reporting Plan: The U.S. EPA proposed a comprehensive system for reporting greenhouse gas emissions today. The new rule would cover some 13,000 facilities, affect automakers, fossil fuel suppliers and heavy industry and go into effect next year. — Reuters Tesla: Trust Us, It’s […] Read more »

The Palm Pre is getting closer and closer, and geeks the world over are holding their breath for it to appear. If you don’t believe the Pre is big news then you didn’t see the Jimmy Fallon show last night as our friend from Engadget, Josh […] Read more »

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