Stories for Mar. 12, 2009

Finally! There’s still life in what used to be called GrandCentral! I haven’t looked much at the phone service since Google purchased it, but it’s now called Google Voice. GrandCentral had been closed to new participants for some time, so hopefully the service opens up the […] Read more »

My first thought was that this would be a productivity killer, since it makes my TV and home theater in general that much more distracting.

But I actually find I can more easily keep up with a steady flow of information thanks to having a net-connected desktop constantly attached to my television, in addition to having another laptop or desktop (in this case, my MacBook or iMac) as my primary workhorse machine. Read more »

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If you know The Karate Kid, then you are well-equipped to control the TV of the future. Wax on, wax off. Sand the floor. These aren’t just good defenses against someone sweeping the leg, they’re also examples of the hand gestures you’ll someday use to change […] Read more »

Like any celebrity coyly letting the tabloids speculate about the status of her relationship, the bankrupt Nortel seems to have the business press all aflutter with news that instead of emerging from bankruptcy, the company may break up its business. The Wall Street Journal says the […] Read more »

Rackspace today is expected to announce its own on-demand computing product, CloudServers. The service is built on the company’s acqusition of Slicehost last year and will offer the same services as Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud. It’s also a cornerstone of Rackspace’s attempts to build […] Read more »

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In a comment on a post here on WWD, David Pogue told us that change was coming soon to GrandCentral, and of course he was right. GrandCentral is FINALLY relaunching as Google Voice. Om has details about the back-from-the-sleeping service over on GigaOM. In addition to […] Read more »

Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing subsidiary of Amazon, today introduced a new variation of its EC2 service, Reserved Instances, that comes with a new pricing model. The new offering, which requires a one-time payment to reserve compute capacity and lowers hourly charges, is targeted at […] Read more »

Southern California Edison plans to begin installing its second rooftop-solar array this week. The 1-megawatt array, slated for a Multi-Employer Property Trust building in Chino, Calif., is part of the utility’s plan to install 250 megawatts of solar panels on some 150 commercial roofs in Southern […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 11, 2009

Along with the release of their new iPod shuffle, Apple has updated iTunes to version 8.1. New features include improved speed with large libraries, Autofill, a switch to 256-Kbps AAC as the new import default, and more notably iTunes DJ and Genius sidebar for Movies and […] Read more »

Cablevision, the Bethpage, N.Y.-based cable operator, says it will only sell digital video services and say “sayonara” to analog television, so to speak. Existing analog cable customers will get analog simulcasts on television sets connected directly to Cablevision’s receivers. More than 91 percent of Cablevision’s 3.1 […] Read more »

GrandCentral, a “one number for life” service provider acquired by Google in July 2007 is being reborn as Google Voice, a comprehensive service that is essentially a Microsoft Office-type suite of communications-related services. I say that because the new service is a collection of VoIP-related features […] Read more »

If there is an economic crisis, then it isn’t impacting any of the startups making virtual goods, online games or virtual worlds. In just the last month alone, three companies have raised mega-millions from venture capitalists. Greystripe, a games-related advertising network, raised another $5.5 million in […] Read more »

MIT researcher Nathan Eagle regaled the audience at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology conference yesterday with tales of technical innovation from East Africa. “Kenya has some mobile phone services that are years ahead of what we have right now,” he said. Eagle was at ETech to present […] Read more »

Shell, Codexis Getting Cozy: Royal Dutch Shell has taken a bigger stake in biofuel technology company Codexis, aiming to commercialize next-generation biofuels by 2013 and grabbing a second seat on the Codexis board. — VentureBeat Van Jones to Advise White House on Green Jobs: Van Jones, […] Read more »

Apple released the 3G iPod shuffle today. That’s “3G” as in third generation, not 3G as in the communications protocol used by the iPhone 3G. See? It’s as clear as the dirt on the floor. But I digress… Naturally, Digg Nation has weighed in on Apple’s […] Read more »

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