Stories for Mar. 11, 2009

Microsoft outed developer details for its Windows Mobile application store this morning. Much like Apple’s, developers will earn 70 percent of the proceeds earned from selling software. Redmond is charging $99 annually for the developer program and each software submission will cost an additional $99, although […] Read more »

Technorati has long been known as a source for ranking the authority and influence of bloggers relative to one another. In an effort to maintain its position as a go-to source for online authority ranking, Technorati has now launched The Technorati Attention Index, a list of […] Read more »

The web has a reputation for serving niche markets and splintering and localizing media, but apparently things are different in China. The folks from leading Chinese video site Youku visited our office this week, and painted a picture of an extremely localized Chinese television market that […] Read more »

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With all of the recent buzz about Windows Mobile 6.5, due out sometime this year, Microsoft forgot to tell anybody about the native support for widgets.  Widgets are those little utility gadgets like weather apps that can be put on the screen as desired. A user […] Read more »

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In a somewhat atypical Wednesday hardware announcement, Apple released their newest iPod Shuffle. The biggest news about the iPod redesign is that it uses VoiceOver to tell you about the music you’re listening to, creating a marked improvement in the Shuffle’s navigation capability. The new Shuffle […] Read more »

Expense reporting is always, in my experience, very painful. Filling out a poorly-formatted spreadsheet masquerading as an “expense claim form,” printing it out, stapling receipts to the form, realizing you’ve lost a crucial receipt, and then the inevitable back and forth before reimbursement. It’s a messy […] Read more »

Nokia to Feature Qik; handset maker to push live-streaming video service in its Ovi Store application depot and integrate it with its video-sharing platform. (emailed release) PlayStation Network Gets NBC Universal Films and TV Shows; addition brings the total amount of content on the game platform […] Read more »

So you’ve just jailbroken your iPhone. Congratulations! Your iPhone life is about to improve in so many ways. Be sure to follow our Jailbreak series to get the most out of jailbreaking your iPhone. Going forward, here are some tips to bear in mind. 1. Never […] Read more »

In a follow up to my recent post about Community Organized Events, Unconferences and BarCamps, I interviewed Audrey Eschright, a web worker with years of experience organizing a wide variety of community events. Audrey Eschright is a programmer and self-described geek, who works as a web developer […] Read more »

I have been using the heck out of Pocket Informant on the BlackBerry Storm and checking regularly to see when the iPhone version might get released.  Good news comes from developer Alex Kac’s blog that the iPhone version of Pocket Informant has been released to Apple […] Read more »

Updated: The former oil baron T. Boone Pickens was so giddy about AT&T’s plan, announced this morning, to make one of the largest purchases of compressed natural gas vehicles in the U.S. to date, that he tweeted about it. AT&T said it will spend $565 million […] Read more »

[qi:080] Facebook, which recently surpassed 175 million active users, has benefited from its growth in the overseas markets. There’s no denying that the company is growing at a breakneck speed across the planet. Yesterday, I met Ghassan Haddad, Facebook’s director of localization, and he shared some […] Read more »

Social TV is a growing trend we’re excited about here at NewTeeVee. Watching events like President Obama’s inauguration unfold while interacting with friends in real time adds new depth to our video experience. But cracking wise with compatriots online could also be a boon for the […] Read more »

The Senate passed a catch-all $410 billion spending bill Tuesday that’s packed with appropriations for 12 cabinet departments and lower federal agencies. Several hefty investments for clean energy, climate science and energy efficiency made their way into the act, with multimillion-dollar increases on the way for […] Read more »

Lately I’ve been on a bit of a streamlining kick. That is, I’ve been trying to find simple, elegant solutions to multiple problems in one convenient package. Easier said than done, unfortunately. The problem is getting everything you need in one place, in exactly the way […] Read more »

[qi:004] Google is good. Not necessarily as in “the opposite of evil,” but “smooth.” The company — facing some privacy backlash here and in Europe — said today that it would allow users to select the type of ads they see in web sites and provide […] Read more »

One of the reasons I can’t completely cross over to using Safari 4 as my full-time browser, aside from its dangerous (considering my line of work) incompatibility with some WordPress features, is its lack of add-on support. Firefox’s rich user community and extensibility makes sure that […] Read more »

Offerpal Media, a startup that links virtual currency to real-world marketing deals, scored $15 million in venture funding last month. CEO Anu Shukla hinted to me then that we’d see partnership news soon, and as promised, Aeria Games is announcing today that it’s linking its universal […] Read more »

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