Stories for Mar. 12, 2009

I was thinking about reliability in the cloud when I saw this news item about the International Space System experiencing a close call with some space debris. The threat of the debris hitting the station forced the astronauts to hang out in their escape capsule to […] Read more »

Going Gets Tougher for Newbies: Despite the long-term promise of clean energy, a new report from Clean Edge forecasts revenues will “remain level or decrease slightly” until global credit markets are restored and investor confidence returns, with the hardest hits being dealt to new technologies and […] Read more »

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Free file-sharing service (previously raved about here on WebWorkerDaily) added a really useful new service this week: real-time collaboration (or “streaming” as call it). This should be very handy for web workers: you could use it to share files during teleconferences or to collaborate […] Read more »

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Just in time to try and rob Palm of any Pre hype out there, Apple is holding an event next week to preview the next version of the iPhone software.  The invitations that Apple sent out for the March 17th affair were short on details but […] Read more »

While some people have the luxury of working solely online, with clients dispersed throughout the world, the reality is that most freelancers need to cultivate local clients — those that they can meet in real life — in order to pay the bills.  Freelance web developer […] Read more »

The great thing about using Apple computers (loaded with OS X of course), is that some of the tasks that can be frustrating and difficult on another operating system are simple and possibly even fun. So assuming you’ve got a handle on using that Mac of […] Read more »

“Ideal” is not a word often associated with the U.S. auto industry these days. But the chief executive of Norway-based electric car maker Think sees potential for it to move in that direction with electric vehicles. “The U.S. is quickly overtaking Europe as an attractive market […] Read more »

There will indeed be an Apple event in March, but it (obviously) won’t be the rumored desktop event. Instead, next week press have been invited to attend Apple’s iPhone 3.0 special event next Tuesday, March 17. Rumors about what the iPhone 3.0 firmware would bring have […] Read more »

The latest Nielsen U.S. video streaming numbers for February have 1-year-old Hulu at No. 2. Over the course of the month, the upstart site beat out Yahoo, in January after finishing higher than Fox Interactive Media (MySpace). Previously, those two massive portals had long rounded out […] Read more »

Updated at the end: The way we use computers is changing, as device makers and users emphasize mobility and incredible graphics. I’ve argued that these trends signal the end of x86 computing, but what I’ve ignored is Intel’s drive to bring its brand of x86 computing […] Read more »

Hulu celebrates the one-year anniversary of its public launch today, and it’s getting social by adding Facebook and MySpace functionality. Many skeptics (*cough* Om *cough*) originally dismissed the joint venture between FOX and NBC as something that couldn’t work, but over the last year Hulu’s premium […] Read more »

Well, it came to pass. Beloved childhood memory The Oregon Trail ($5.99, iTunes link) got updated and graphically reinvigorated for its arrival on the iPhone and iPod touch platform. The question is, is it still just as fun and educational as it was when you used […] Read more »

You might have noticed that Google’s Gmail team has been very busy recently, making an extraordinary number of updates to the product over the last month or so. In particular there has been lots of useful Labs features released (see our recent coverage of Offline, Multiple […] Read more »

Facebook + YouTube + Pandora = DropPlay. Search for songs (which play via YouTube), get music recommendations and share with friends. (VentureBeat) Picks Up Blood Cell; web horror series stars Jessica Rose (aka Lonelygirl15) and was produced by 60Frames. (The Hollywood Reporter) DiggNation Guys Were […] Read more »

Today is like Christmas morning for energy-efficiency funds. Vice President Joe Biden and Energy Secretary Steven Chu today are allocating $8 billion dollars from the stimulus package for weatherization and energy-efficiency upgrades to the states. Those funds, which are supposed to create 87,000 jobs, will be […] Read more »

Finally! There’s still life in what used to be called GrandCentral! I haven’t looked much at the phone service since Google purchased it, but it’s now called Google Voice. GrandCentral had been closed to new participants for some time, so hopefully the service opens up the […] Read more »

My first thought was that this would be a productivity killer, since it makes my TV and home theater in general that much more distracting.

But I actually find I can more easily keep up with a steady flow of information thanks to having a net-connected desktop constantly attached to my television, in addition to having another laptop or desktop (in this case, my MacBook or iMac) as my primary workhorse machine. Read more »

If you know The Karate Kid, then you are well-equipped to control the TV of the future. Wax on, wax off. Sand the floor. These aren’t just good defenses against someone sweeping the leg, they’re also examples of the hand gestures you’ll someday use to change […] Read more »

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