Stories for Mar. 13, 2009

If you haven’t noticed, the writers here at TAB like to write about invoicing applications. Some of our recent reviews include Billings, OnTheJob and Involer. But forget all of those other invoicing applications. I just found the one true ring of invoicing and time management: GrandTotal […] Read more »

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Many investors are seeing fund raising slow down, and the CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund is no exception. The fund, which in October said it had raised $9.3 million toward its goal of $20 million, is still working to raise the rest of the money. Representatives […] Read more »

Obama Administration Classifies Draft of Copyright Treaty; White House says details of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement are being kept secret in the interest of national security. (CNET) Tim Armstrong to Become AOL Chairman and CEO; soon-to-be former Google ad exec still believes there is life left […] Read more »

Much has been said about the new iPod shuffle. Its size has been praised, lack of buttons grumbled about, and — as with most new Apple products — has caused a little controversy. I wanted to try the product out for myself as I’ve been needing […] Read more »

Thanks to a few lucky opportunities at school, my transition from print to web was a gradual process, and a move that I made voluntarily. That’s not the case for a large number of writers currently making the same transition. The print journalism and publishing industries are in big trouble, with no sign of turning a corner anytime soon. More and more print publications are switching to the web, and finding it hard to deal with the fact that they can’t just move their existing content and keep on doing the same thing, business as usual.

Likewise, writers can’t just keep producing the same kind of content for a different medium. The web, and its readers, demand a different kind of writing, delivered in a different way. It can hard to find the right mix, especially if you’ve spent your entire professional life writing one way, only to be asked to completely change that up. Here are some tips and resources to help get a handle on just what kind of change is required. Read more »

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The news that biodiesel maker Imperium Renewables will be cutting 24 employees (or more than half of the staff) from its Grays Harbor plant, announced Thursday night, won’t be a big shocker to anyone who has followed the company’s yearlong downward spiral. The Seattle-based biofuel firm, […] Read more »

The next generation of highly successful software as a service (SaaS) companies will likely focus on delivering collaboration and IT management, according to a report out today from Forrester Research. The report takes a look at the SaaS infrastructure and lays out the case for continued […] Read more »

Some time-tracking applications come with invoicing built in and others don’t. There are a bunch of great invoicing apps out there; the trick is to find the one that matches your web working style. Fanurio may hold the answer for those seeking a combined time tracking […] Read more »

Nothing can cripple a promising web site faster than an embarrassingly bad top-level domain choice. No matter how many businesses sign up for a dot-biz domain (.biz), for example, it still connotes Uncle Gary’s online shoe site. Likewise, top-level domains like dot mobi (.mobi) and dot […] Read more »

Whether you like it or not, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) — the nonprofit Internet naming registry that controls all the top-level domains like dot com — will likely be accepting new ones within the next 12 months. If the entrepreneurs behind […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 12, 2009

Tim Armstrong, until recently senior VP of sales at Google, will become the new chairman and chief executive of AOL, the troubled division of Time Warner, replacing the much un-loved Randy Falco. Sure AOL is big, but so is General Motors. So, why is he taking […] Read more »

Information technology has brought benefits to industries as diverse as finance and food processing — now it’s coming to your local water utility. Tech-giant IBM on Monday will launch a water management system for utilities that it says will bring much-needed intelligence to the treatment and […] Read more »

I know I’m a geek and that gadget lust is a natural part of my life.  New gadgets still have to tweak that gadget desire into overdrive to get me going though, I don’t just hand that out for free.  Palm first got me going at […] Read more »

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