Stories for Mar. 10, 2009

Often my reviews here at WebWorkerDaily are peeks at beta or early release versions of an application or service. While I think it is useful to provide these sneak peeks, it is often in the first couple months of a product’s life when a lot of […] Read more »

EPA Reveals Emission Reporting Plan: The U.S. EPA proposed a comprehensive system for reporting greenhouse gas emissions today. The new rule would cover some 13,000 facilities, affect automakers, fossil fuel suppliers and heavy industry and go into effect next year. — Reuters Tesla: Trust Us, It’s […] Read more »

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The Palm Pre is getting closer and closer, and geeks the world over are holding their breath for it to appear. If you don’t believe the Pre is big news then you didn’t see the Jimmy Fallon show last night as our friend from Engadget, Josh […] Read more »

Fuel cell developer Medis Technologies has become the latest cleantech company to lay off workers in these tough economic times, saying today that it’s cutting 50 employees at its Israeli office. That’s about 30 percent of the New York-based company’s workforce. Medis, which is one of […] Read more »

Much like the *Blockbuster* “false alarm” saga, Reader Read more »

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As someone who likes books, especially the old fashioned kind (you know, the ones printed on paper), I was predisposed to disliking (and dismissing) Kindle, the e-reader developed by Amazon. So when Amazon sent me a review unit of the new Kindle 2.0, they were taking […] Read more »

Last week, Darrell Etherington wrote about how hard it is to measure the value of Twitter. One way to measure the impact that you’re having on the Twitter-sphere would be to see how many people link to your service, product or blog. Unfortunately, due to Twitter’s […] Read more »

Some six months ago, the venture capital community saw 2009’s cleantech investments as having about as many storm clouds as Sand Hill Road in July — which is to say, very few. With the economic downturn, though, the outlook has changed, as a growing portion of […] Read more »

Want to watch video that’s hot right this very second? Check out OneRiot, which today launched a version of its social search engine for video URLs. The company depends on real-time signals, such as how long people stay on a page and at what pace views […] Read more »

Wow, we’re not even deploying 4G wireless broadband networks yet and ICT Results, an organization that aims to publicize European research, is already pushing the next wireless leap with research promoting millimeter wave technology, also known as microwave photonics. It’s not as foreign as it sounds. Readers […] Read more »

As the doors of the metal fabrication company Integrity Manufacturing closed last week, so did the funding prospects behind a manufacturing plant that would make Zap electric vehicles in Kentucky and supposedly deliver 4,000 green jobs. But like a green zombie that just won’t die, Zap […] Read more »

Zumobi Introduces American Idol App for iPhone; app gives users bios, pictures, news and 78 original videos from the remaining contestants. (Seattle Times) Harper’ Launches; web site is the home of EQAL’s new “social show” in support of the CBS TV program Harper’s Island. (Harper’s Globe) […] Read more »

In previous posts, I’ve talked about attending local events and meetups or scheduling new ones if you can’t find any that meet your needs. In this post, I wanted to talk about something bigger than the typical meetup: community-organized events. BarCamps, unconferences, and similar events have […] Read more »

Microsoft has already experienced the power the netbook has to open up operating system options for PC consumers, since it saw Linux distributions being included as the default operating system on consumer-oriented machines for the first time with the advent of the small, affordable, feature-light machines. […] Read more »

I haven’t been paying close attention to Mozilla’s mobile efforts lately, so I’ve missed out on some developments since I last looked into them. Work on Fennec, the mobile version of Firefox, has continued in alpha as expected. Environment synchronization is underway with Weave as well: […] Read more »

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