More tech Stories has pointed the way to a Web site of a class on mobile media, Cellphonia, at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York. Th… Read more »

Customers of ’3′ in Hong Kong can now bet on horse races using their mobile phones. The short time-frame of a race makes it ideal for delive… Read more »

EMI Music Publishing has struck a wide-ranging agreement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment that establishes rates and guidelines for the use… Read more »

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A nice round-up here of all the recent research released on camera phones. “Picture-related activities top the list of favorite mobile conte… Read more »

Samsung has released a phone especially for the MTV Asia Awards party, which uses content to promote the special edition. “The special vers… Read more »

Multimedia content is viewed as the best way to promote mobile phones despite the fact that voice is still the primary earner – largely beca… Read more »

DoCoMo has demonstrated a 1Gbps mobile link, albeit over a short distance. Dubbed “VSF-Spread OFDM with MIMO” (Variable Spreading Factor Spr… Read more »

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Apple and Motorola have hinted that iTunes may be available on some Motorola handsets as early as next January. The big thing about the deal… Read more »

Zoo Tycoon 2 has made the leap from PC to mobile. Aside from the normal game play, there’s another game mode: Zoo Tycoon Mobile Photo. This… Read more »

A discussion has started on where the telecommunications industry is going, and where it will take us (humans). An interesting topic, one wh… Read more »

Tucows, long famous for its vast library of software that is made available through numerous affiliates, has launched a new, mobile library.… Read more »

I missed this earlier, but Vodafone has asked Digital Chocolate to create 3D games in a bid to showcase its 3G technology. I think many of… Read more »

This is definitely something for the professionals. Tao Group has released SSEYO miniMIXA, which is available for smartphones running the Wi… Read more »

Things are looking good for Japanese mobile content suppliers, with eleven of the 15 suppliers of paid content for mobile phones expecting t… Read more »

China’s cell phone users sent 176 billion SMS in the first 10 months of this year, and are expected to make it to 220 billion by the end of… Read more »

ESPN and The Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) will launch the Japanese version of X Games Mobile on the Japanese mobile networks of KDDI an… Read more »

Camelot has selected TradeDoubler to provide an affiliate marketing program to drive online registrations for the new ‘Play by Text’ lottery… Read more »

WiderThan’s ringback service has picked up more than 1 million customers in India, through its customers Bharti Tele-Ventures mobile group,… Read more »

Melodeo has signed an agreement with Warner Music Group to offer access to its catalogue – although it doesn’t indicate whether it’s the who… Read more »

Dwango Wireless has formed a partnership with Flow today their partnership with Flow CmM, to launch Minifizz in North America. Minifizz app… Read more »

American IDC Corporation announced today that agreement has been reached for American IDC Corp. to acquire 80% controlling interest in Smart… Read more »

Customers of Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) will be the first in Singapore to be able to purchase 3G handsets from 16 Decemb… Read more »

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