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At least one city in India managed to avoid the traditional New Year’s SMS jam. It will be interesting to see whether other carriers around… Read more »

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WSSUP has come up with at least one person who likes their services. They offer the chance to send multimedia messages personalized by your… Read more »

Mobile content company Mforma is one mooted as a possible IPO in 2005. “Racing from continent to continent, Mforma Chief Executive Dan Kranz… Read more »

BT’s mobile division will install kiosks for mobile users. “These new kiosks are easy to use and allow customers to top-up their phones and… Read more »

It appears 26 mobile phone operators are collaborating to create something called “Super 3G”. There aren’t many details, but it sounds like… Read more »

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Ericsson Mobility World (EMW), which was established to merely provide a link between service operators and content providers, now offers a… Read more »

Pornography on mobile phones has been in the news a lot lately, but this ZDNet article is worth pointing to for its thoroughness. In additio… Read more »

New versions of the mobile phone virus Cabir are circulating, indicating that the source code for the virus is “floating around in the under… Read more »

Ringtonia has picked out an interesting quote from yet another article on how ringtones are actually producing a lot of money compared to sa… Read more »

In response to the terrible tragedy that hit countries on the Indian Ocean this week an Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System has been promote… Read more »

Earlier this month a graduate student at Japan’s Keio University described a way of sharing information on mobile devices after being inspir… Read more »

MobileWhack is reporting that mobile content aggregator Read more »

China Mobile’s banning of mobile messaging company Sohu from its service for a year has been listed as one of the big events in the Chinese… Read more »

The Yankee Group has released some data that shows the promise of mobile content.
By the end of the second quarter of 2004, wireless data u… Read more »

Orange is sponsoring a movie making competition for mobile phones. This next-gen promotion has people making 60 second films out of 3D paper… Read more »

TV on mobile phones faces a lot of hurdles, including regulatory ones. This article goes through the issue, and points out that having diffe… Read more »

There is some controversy over the proposed introduction of a domain (.mobi) aimed at sites designed for mobile devices. The Device Independ… Read more »

“The number of unwanted text messages and phone calls via mobile phone surpasses that of desktop spam mail by a big margin, according to the… Read more »

Realeyes3D has released Pixclear, which allows mobile phone users to “improve contrast and image quality with a simple “click”, so are able… Read more »

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