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If you bemoan the fact that “the mobile content world is awash with smut and content aimed at the youth market” despair not! A new website,… Read more »

IN-FUSIO, a leading mobile games publisher and game service provider, today announced that it has joined O2 to deliver its range of critical… Read more »

Emblaze CEO Eli Reifman has been interviewed on the upcoming floatation of Adamind, a company which transcodes mobile content to match diffe… Read more »

conVISUAL has found a neat selling point – scenes from “Hollywood Blockbusters”. Not the whole movie, just bits of it. Which makes sense…e… Read more »

The Finnish ICT-company, Mermit Business Applications has delivered a text messaging alarm system to the WWF Finland. The new solution is me… Read more »

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Centennial Communications has chosen Nortel to replace and upgrade its existing wireless network in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands with… Read more »

Revenue leakage, insufficient marketing, and inadequate mobile operator business infrastructure rank high among the issues holding back the… Read more »

The Acting Chairs of a couple of organizations raised in the article Confusion on mobile content have written to Australian IT defending the… Read more »

Hantro Oy, a Finnish provider of mobile multimedia technology, has received a further $5.25 million investment from a syndicate, led by CapM… Read more »

In what is truly good news for proponents of mobile video, Oplayo has announced it has reached 1 million paid mobile video downloads in a mo… Read more »

Openwave Systems and Cilys, a Canadian wireless telecommunications software infrastructure vendor located in Trois-Rivieres and Montreal, to… Read more »

This outline of a paper is an incredibly dry read, but if you’re in the industry you’ll probably be fascinated. In their own words: “Strand… Read more » has launched a “global SMS texting, premium rate and mobile alerts services directory”. “Apart from enabling users and provide… Read more »

TU Media” has started trials of a satellite television service to mobile phones, with 3 video and 6 radio channels. The service is available… Read more »

Vodafone in Germany will offer a full-length movie to its 3G customers for free. Even more impressive, it’s being broadcast on the network a… Read more »

Mobile carriers are keen to promote and sell music on their networks, and want to add other genres to Hip Hop – the only style which has rea… Read more »

Hong Kong’s CSL will broadcast the “Crossing Borders Fund Raising Show” over its network for free. Viewers can also make HK$20 donations via… Read more »

The introduction of 3G into the mobile phone market has increased competition as the higher bandwidth allows more scope for price cutting an… Read more »

If you want to know what to expect in the mobile industry in 2005, read this article. Don’t accept it as gospel, of course, but it gives a g… Read more »

The old trick of signing people up for a cheap or free offer and then hooking them into an ongoing charged service has made it to mobile pho… Read more »

I just had to put in this press release because of this quote: “text is the newest way to get Mobile content for your cell phone!” It does g… Read more »

Verizon has announced a new content plan with nothing spectacularly new, although there is a lot available – over 300 video updates daily. T… Read more »

Mobile phones are a good way to access sports or activities that were previously impossible to watch – such as round the world yacht racing.… Read more »

For an article ostensibly about the emerging mobile content market in Russia, this piece is a great read for just about anyone. The piece de… Read more »

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