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India’s largest online portal has tied up with the country’s leading mobile service provider for SMS-based infotainment. Now Indiatimes 8888… Read more »

MPEG LA, which holds the patents for MPEG-2, has convinced InterTrust, ContentGuard, Sony, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co (the worlds big… Read more »

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Howard Rheingold has written an “open manifesto” detailing what he believes needs to occur for the mobile web to be open and user driven. “I… Read more »

The three 3G operators in Singapore are up and running with 98 percent street coverage – beating the 95 percent requirement. This article is… Read more »

The big news at the moment is the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) being held in Las Vegas from Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th… Read more »

The recently announced consortium of 26 mobile carriers working on something called “Super 3G” left many people scratching their heads and w… Read more »

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Well, the only one surprised are the companies in the industry….big money is now flowing in US in the ringtones business. Stratton Sclavos… Read more »

I am back in LA after a six week break. James is doing a stellar job, and he will be doing the majority of the postings from now on, as I wo… Read more »

The Australian government is trying to create a regulatory framework for mobile content, mainly to keep inappropriate content away from chil… Read more »

“Orb’s technology lets people access video, music or live TV on their home PC though anything with a Web browser–a cell phone, a PDA or a w… Read more »

3HK has now fully covered Hong Kong’s metro line, giving its customers something to do on that killer commute to and from work. Read more » has found a new blog, The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog, which has set up an alert system using SMS. The idea is… Read more »

Clickatell has predicted that in 2005 companies will begin to fine-tune their business SMS strategies, to reduce annoyance to customers and… Read more »

At least one city in India managed to avoid the traditional New Year’s SMS jam. It will be interesting to see whether other carriers around… Read more »

WSSUP has come up with at least one person who likes their services. They offer the chance to send multimedia messages personalized by your… Read more »

Mobile content company Mforma is one mooted as a possible IPO in 2005. “Racing from continent to continent, Mforma Chief Executive Dan Kranz… Read more »

BT’s mobile division will install kiosks for mobile users. “These new kiosks are easy to use and allow customers to top-up their phones and… Read more »

It appears 26 mobile phone operators are collaborating to create something called “Super 3G”. There aren’t many details, but it sounds like… Read more »

Ericsson Mobility World (EMW), which was established to merely provide a link between service operators and content providers, now offers a… Read more »

Pornography on mobile phones has been in the news a lot lately, but this ZDNet article is worth pointing to for its thoroughness. In additio… Read more »

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