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Still on mobile content, and still on News Corp, Twentieth Century Fox, its movie studio, has signed a two-year deal to develop video games… Read more »

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BVRP Software has joined the rush to open online mobile content stores, opening The site sells people points to redeem for… Read more »

Ask Jeeves has announced its intention to offer a mobile search engine. The new engine will be specialized for mobile devices rather than ju… Read more »

I reported on UMG’s new U.S. wireless division last week..Billboard writes up some more details…
Rio Caraeff, the new VP & GM of UMM-US, s… Read more »

This one is less far-fetched, as the technology rolls out for visual radio…basically souped-up radio with interactivity on the handset…… Read more »

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“Vodafone has called on the mobile content industry to enforce its various codes of conduct more vigorously…The universal ‘stop’ command,… Read more »

This article uses the recent deals between mobile content publishers and owners of cartoons and comic characters to explain how the mobile c… Read more »

The InfoSpace Program Manager position is responsible for leading projects through the complete project life cycle, and will be directly acc… Read more »

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Michael Powell is resigning from his post, amidst ambiguous reports of success and fail… Read more »

After the tsunami last year there were lots of articles deriding the lack of an early warning system and claiming that such a system should… Read more »

The Register is warning that the current success of major cellcos in being the dominant brands in the mobile industry is coming to and end,… Read more »

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co, Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics Co and Sony Corp have joined forces to form the Marlin Joi… Read more »

AG Interactive and Shogakukan Production have signed a deal to release mobile graphics based on Hamtaro, which airs on over 40 countries wor… Read more »

Forrester Research has named Cingular Wireless the “frontrunner” in each of its three key areas of evaluation: current offering, market pres… Read more »

The IAB is seeking a senior product manger /GM to lead the IAB’s revenue-oriented programs. These programs are separate profit centers that… Read more »

A number of Australian organizations have teamed up to promote mobile content in that country. The Mobile Journeys Consortium aims to foster… Read more »

In another boost to China’s homegrown TD-SCDMA 3G technology, China Putian Corporation and Nortel signed a Joint Venture Framework Agreement… Read more »

This is from Qualcomm’s Q4 results announced today: it reported $1.4bn in sales in Q4, driven by the growth of 3G networks.
Release: “By Nov… Read more »

How hackneyed can you get, with a headline? Oh well…now you know what Thomas Dolby is doing…making some cool, retro ringtones.
Some int… Read more »

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