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Macromedia has finally made some installation instalments for Flash Lite: Samsung is using Flash Lite to deliver interfaces on new mobile ha… Read more »

In our continuing coverage of Q4 results, tune in tomorrow for Macromedia’s results. The media/tech software company is announcing after mar… Read more »

So 24 on mobiles has been launched in UK…fans of the show can sign up for 24: Conspiracy, a series of specially shot 60-second mini-episod… Read more »

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A very interesting analysis of the current capabilities of handsets in Japan, and how they compare to standalone music/MP3 players in the ma… Read more »

Many content providers are looking to branded, dedicated Java applications as a way to increase their exposure on handsets and to avoid havi… Read more »

In UK, the TV licensing authority is looking to charge mobile handset owners if their phone can receive live TV broadcasts…As the law stan… Read more »

That’s the message of this BW story, comparing European mobile music services with the almost non-existent U.S. ones…
“If the U.S. wireles… Read more »

This makes a lot of sense: “Mobile multimedia won’t compete with off-air broadcasting or cable TV or DVDs. It won’t compete with laptop acce… Read more »

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So someone’s finally signing on to Nokia’s “Visual Radio” project….Virgin Radio will launch the interactive mobile radio service in UK thi… Read more »

WideRay, a provider of technologies for mobile content proximity services has named Grant Wakelin as its new CEO. Saul Kato, WideRay founder… Read more »

Bill Rosenblatt over at DRM Watch has compiled a very useful overview of the state of DRM (inlduing mobile DRM) and content technologies in… Read more »

No newsletter today due to MLK day…updates will be slower than usual as well… Read more »

Emblaze, the Israel-based mobile streaming technology company, is planning a push to begin selling mobile phone handsets in Europe and has p… Read more »

3G is picking up in the US, we are assured: “past coverage has fallen into three categories: squabbles over standards; hand-wringing over As… Read more »

There’s a good article here about 3G and potential content for the service, and even though the report quoted is a year old it’s still prett… Read more »

I’m concerned. I have no idea how much respect I should pay to this particular web site, so I’ll neither bag it or take what it says as gosp… Read more »

“Chinese mobile messaging service provider Hurray! Holdings Co Ltd planned to float its shares on the NASDAQ stock market, amid an industria… Read more »

The Economist has an article on why fixed line companies are focusing on selling TV while mobile companies – despite the introduction of han… Read more »

AvantGo has updated its mobile browser, and PC World has a brief review. Among other things, “AvantGo ’05 improves on previous versions by g… Read more »

You are an online media buyer in the interactive space with 3-6 years of experience (not… Read more »

There’s a good round-up of the deals announced at CES 2005 and how they relate to mobile video or TV (although most of them are not for mobi… Read more »

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