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Deloitte has released its “TMT Trends: Mobile & Wireless Predictions 2005″ (PDF) report, and has something to say on mobile content. The rep… Read more » has linked to an Australian site that offers free SMS, with the ability to “mask” where your message is coming from. The SMS z… Read more »

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A report has been produced indicating that WiMax and WiFi are the future of wireless communications, and their integration into 4G will effe… Read more »

Openwave Systems has completed its acquisition of Canadian wireless telecommunications software infrastructure vendor Cilys for US$10 millio… Read more »

Or how to increase profit when your business declines… Although Japanese ringtone providers have seen their subscriber numbers dwindle som… Read more »

This position will be the lead editorial role at the publication, with ultimate responsibility for all editorial employees. The Editor in Ch… Read more »

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Nokia and Sierra Wireless are teaming up to develope High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) WCDMA (UMTS) technology. This offers speeds o… Read more »

Perhaps the biggest indication that mobile games have indeed “come of age” is that one of the most respected news organizations in the world… Read more »

Research commissioned by Nokia has revealed that consumers want more advanced mobile services as long as the benefits are explained clearly… Read more »

Games developer In-Fusio has bought Mobile Scope, a German mobile games developer, for an undisclosed sum. Mobile Scope also markets rington… Read more »

Verizon has launched its Ev-Do based 3G service V Cast in the US today, prompting a flurry of “we’re now available on your mobile” press re… Read more »

Fox Filmed Entertainment has done a deal with Sorrent which allows the mobile entertainment company to be “the exclusive publisher of mobile… Read more »

Vodafone K.K. is releasing a mobile in Japan that responds to movement. The V603H from Sharp uses preset patterns as shortcuts, and the tech… Read more »

Verizon’s mobisode offering has been reported again, this time with arguments that people don’t want programs created especially for mobiles… Read more »

Well, since we cover mobile content so heavily, might as well have our own custom mobile wallpaper…next in line, a ringtone.
Anyway, artis… Read more »

“IPWireless CEO Chris Gilbert explains why standard-based solutions will outgun proprietary technologies, why WiMAX won’t cut it and why wir… Read more »

“There is an axiom in technology circles that porn drives technology usage…” Aside from the various controversies surrounding mobile porno… Read more »

Incumbent Australian telco Telstra is wary of introducing ringback tones, claiming that the tones have higher licensing fees and therefore r… Read more »

NTT DoCoMo is expanding its empire with an agreement with Singapore’s StarHub to launch i-Mode, its mobile internet service. This brings the… Read more »

3UK has signed a deal with mobile data firm Netsize to release “text, ringtones, wallpapers and pictures from a range of brands” to their cu… Read more »

The US military is working out how to take wireless into the battlefield, and since they fact pretty much the same problems they always have… Read more »

Silk is attempting to cut operators out of the mobile content value chain (except for bandwidth usage). The idea is to have the silk applica… Read more »

The IHT has an article on ringtones claiming they’ll be staying around for a while, and adding that since the target market for ringtones is… Read more »

Being the fourth to market with 3G doesn’t bother MM02, which claims that the market will be small until 2006 anyway. While this statement i… Read more »

The Australian Communications Authority has asked the public to get involved with creating new regulations for mobile content – especially i… Read more »

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Responsibilities: We’re a market leading publisher that is developing an Internet business that already garners millions of page… Read more »

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