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MediaBay has entered the ringtone market with plans to “license clips from its library of over 50,000 hours of classic old-time radio progra… Read more »

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The Register is running a report by Screen Digest about mobile games and why they are taking off. As mobile penetration approaches saturatio… Read more »

Possibly because it missed the original story, ZDNet UK has got comment from 3UK on the recent survey from Netonomy that revealed most peopl… Read more »

A Chinese company which offers a text-based horoscope service has said it will lose up to a quarter of its revenue after the Chinese governm… Read more »

RealNetworks is shifting its mobile strategy, reports It has expanded its deal with Nokia, under which the cell phone giant will b… Read more »

A Finnish TV show about the gaming lifestyle called sells mobile java games for 5-7 euros. Nothing particularly interesting there, b… Read more »

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The EU is set to invest 1 billion euros in wireless research in order to maintain the regions dominance of the mobile industry. As well as g… Read more »

Leap Wireless has introduced a system where users have to simply say the name of an artist to get a variety of ringtones to preview and down… Read more »

Wired News seeks a dynamic, seasoned Sales Director who can,
through superior leadership, management and mentoring, consistently drive
his/h… Read more »

Yahoo is slowly ramping up its mobile service in UK and Europe: it has tied up with mobile messaging firm Mobile 365 and backend company Qpa… Read more »

Wireless Review is declaring a truce in the wireless content wars amongst the content providers and telecom oeprators (in U.S.), though I am… Read more »

The wireless shine has come off this quarter:
— Sohu’s Drop Cracks China Net Sector:’s outlook calls for sequential growth in ad r… Read more »

As an update to the Sony StreamMan service reported last year Ringtonia has pointed to an article pointing out that Sony is beginning the in… Read more »

Siemens has developed a mobile post-it application. The basic idea is that people can send messages to a specific area rather than a specifi… Read more »

The argument that handsets play the most important part of a consumers mobile content experience can be strongly supported – if the handset… Read more »

Formerly known as Nokia Venture Partners, Menlo Park, CA-based BlueRun Ventures announced a first close today on a fund targeted to reach $3… Read more »

Billing solutions company CSG has a few things to say about the Asian mobile content market, and specifically its place in it. “While CSG se… Read more »

Under the heading “What Next” we have this: “Offering his outlook for the age beyond 3G, Siemens’ Pauly says: “The Internet Protocol is taki… Read more »

China Unicom has promised to provide more value-added telecom services based on BREW (binary runtime environment for wireless) platform to i… Read more »

“The holy grail for any content owner in the mobile content space is to build a direct relationship with consumers, one enabling them, via a… Read more »

This will put things in perspective: a single wireless related ad during SuperBowl, and that too, for an operator: Verizon Wireless. The com… Read more »

The Mobile Music Forum 2005, taking place in London 8th & 9th March 2005 will bring together all the members of the value chain to provide s… Read more »

Once you get past the first few paragraphs (after the vomitous phrase “going forward”) this is an interesting panel discussion about wireles… Read more »

Some cool 3D games are available on V Cast, with both brands – Spiderman and S.W.A.T. – being fairly strong. However each game costs an addi… Read more »

The Financial Times is to embark on a new advertiser-funded model for its mobile content services, reports NMA. The company has also begun p… Read more »

Mobile Journeys is continuing Down Under, but so far all I’ve found is a blogger writing up a bit of stuff on a lecture on Mobile Digital So… Read more »

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