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“Despite the notion that putting media content – particularly recognizable branded content – on mobile makes perfect sense, early attempts b… Read more »

The mobile content sector will get a monthly newspaper in March covering games, music video, lifestyle and adult… It will target people in… Read more »

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Refer-X has launched a service where people can get rewarded for recommending content (games, at the moment) to their friends. “We only know… Read more »

One analyst thinks Australia’s Telstra could benefit from rolling out iMode because it will give the incumbent control of over-the-air payme… Read more »

“Smartphones will comprise 9.3 percent of mobile phones sold in 2009, compared to 3.7 percent in 2004, according to Jupiter Research… the… Read more »

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Well, it’s a CDMA2000 network, which no-one except operators ever claims is 3G. Still, the $650 million network should be a good bonus for t… Read more »

The mobile industry is keen to move into the portable music player market, and in the process own it. However it’s not that simple… “The p… Read more »

Freescale Semiconductor has demonstrated a mobile phone with ultra-wideband capability, which it claims will enable new products. “In the de… Read more »

This is not complete, but might provide some more idea of what happened on the Cote d’Azur…

500% Growth Confirms Take-Off For 3GSM: Net… Read more »

“There have been a lot of successful exits (where venture capitalists sell their stakes or float them) in the last 12 months and the investm… Read more »

The company likely to see the most adoption will be the one that capitalizes on the way that phones are becoming small social-network comput… Read more »

Companies are banking on mobile television as being the next driver of mobile handset upgrades… Read more »

Where will it end? has linked to an article about a couple of companies teaming up in Japan to put barcodes on chocolate… Read more »

UK TV production companies are starting to develop content for 3G in a response to demand. “Endemol, Celador and Fremantle are all developin… Read more »

This writer has done some back-of-the-envelope calculations included several guesstimates to indicate that 3’s recent announcement of sellin… Read more »

Mobile content producer Aspiro has signed an agreement with the media group Schibsted to merge Aspiro with Schibsted Mobile (Inpoc), a suppl… Read more »

Publisher Random House is making a move onto mobile phones, buying a minority stake in educational mobile content provider Vocel. Two produc… Read more »

Now everybody’s favorite mobile content site has it’s own ringtone, thanks to all-round nifty dude Claude Bossett. The link to hear the ring… Read more »

This position works with internal and external resources to manage customer data information and systems for The Marketing D… Read more »

Wireless works to shield kids from porn: The head of content services for Vodafone UK urged fellow operators to self-regulate access to mobi… Read more »

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