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Futureice has announced it will launch a photo-sharing service at the 3GSM World Congress. The service, known as Photos to Friends, was like… Read more »

Skype, one of the most well-known VoIP technologies and which uses peer-to-peer technology to operate has moved onto smartphones. It will be… Read more »

There’s a perception that one of the main barriers to take-up of 3G services is the complicated way that content is downloaded – at least co… Read more »

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Cherrysauce has seen hits to its mobile portal pass 1 million per month this year, with around 12-15% of visitors continuing on to paid serv… Read more »

3G operators have concentrated on the heavily populated areas, believing (probably correctly) that is where their target audience is. “Howev… Read more »

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The Program Manager will serve as the primary point of contact between MusicNet partners and MusicNet staff driving multiple projects from i… Read more »

Handango has launched local sites in the UK, France and Germany, which specialize according to handset types in the different countries and… Read more »

Hurray! (which obviously formed at the height of the dotcom boom) a chinese company which offers “wireless value added services” has pulled… Read more »

Dwango has raised $15 million following the completion of a private placement of preferred convertible stock. The company plans to use the f… Read more »

MediaBay has entered the ringtone market with plans to “license clips from its library of over 50,000 hours of classic old-time radio progra… Read more »

The Register is running a report by Screen Digest about mobile games and why they are taking off. As mobile penetration approaches saturatio… Read more »

Possibly because it missed the original story, ZDNet UK has got comment from 3UK on the recent survey from Netonomy that revealed most peopl… Read more »

A Chinese company which offers a text-based horoscope service has said it will lose up to a quarter of its revenue after the Chinese governm… Read more »

RealNetworks is shifting its mobile strategy, reports It has expanded its deal with Nokia, under which the cell phone giant will b… Read more »

A Finnish TV show about the gaming lifestyle called sells mobile java games for 5-7 euros. Nothing particularly interesting there, b… Read more »

The EU is set to invest 1 billion euros in wireless research in order to maintain the regions dominance of the mobile industry. As well as g… Read more »

Leap Wireless has introduced a system where users have to simply say the name of an artist to get a variety of ringtones to preview and down… Read more »

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