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Australian incumbent Telstra has signed a deal with Ericsson to tighten up its mobile content service. The previous infrastructure was ad-ho… Read more »

Canada’s Teleglobe International Holdings – an international mobile roaming company – has signed a deal to distribute Wmode’s ClearMode offe… Read more »

Nokia has commissioned several video artists to create art pieces for the handset giant, which will be made available to customers free from… Read more »

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MotorFM, a German radio station focussing on alternative rock and electronic music, is moving away from the traditional radio revenue model.… Read more »

(reported by Greg Fawcett) The ABC hit phenom “Desperate Housewives” is coming to mobiles soon, according to Larry Shapiro, exec VP of biz d… Read more »

Nokia Sees 70 Million 3G Users by End 2005: On the first day of 3GSM Nokia confidently predicted there will be 70 million 3G handsets in use… Read more »

Everyone’s doing mobile music these days, which leads one writer to wonder whether Apple will start doing mobile phones…I don’t think that… Read more »

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Philips has been gung-ho about mobile TV for a while now, and has announced it will roll out a “system-in-package (SiP) enabling TV-on-mobil… Read more »

Japanese mobile content companies have had a sweet run over the past few years, but that growth burst is slowing down – as it had to do even… Read more »

Sure they’ve been around for a while, but virtual keyboards are pretty neat, and useful for mobiles, as long as the projector isn’t too big.… Read more »

InfoSpace, which has bought out three mobile gaming related companies in the last year or so (mostly in Europe), has formed a gaming divisio… Read more »

Opera, one of the recent challenges to Internet Explorer on the Internet, is chasing the mobile market just as agressively, and possibly wit… Read more »

Nokia Unveils Smartphone Platform Upgrade: Nokia announced the latest Symbian 60 upgrade at 3GSM…

PalmSource Shows Off New Software: Palm… Read more »

Emblaze, which is exhibiting at 3GSM, has raised 15M in an IPO in the UK. “The company’s technology enables cellular telephone users to acce… Read more »

Microsoft has launched something called the ‘Connected Services Framework’, which is a server-based solution which allows carriers to dynami… Read more »

NEC’s Multimedia Content Adaptation Solution is designed to accelerate the introduction of multimedia services on mobile phones: “Besides ov… Read more »

It’s Valentine’s Day and everybody’s champing at the bit to help their customers find their One True Love – or at least an indication that s… Read more »

Jamster has joined the “What’s the Download” music advisory panel which is trying to work out what people want from music – and probably how… Read more »

CNet has a good article on 3D sound, which is only in Japan at the moment (I’m pretty sure), and the technology used by Sonaptic called psyc… Read more »

3G is finally taking off, but that doesn’t mean the news is all good at the 3GSM show in France. Still, there could be a way to make a profi… Read more »

This is a bit silly, but a magazine – or really, a liftout – has been created specifically about texting. The details of Text Central’s cont… Read more »

THE NATIONAL Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has initiated public discussions on a pending rules to regulate “text” spam, or unsolicited… Read more »

Mobile handsets are not yet able to cope with the technological requirements for multimedia content that are beginning to be demanded of the… Read more »

The latest Eurotechnology newsletter has reported that music related content sales in Japan are doing very well. “Less than 80 days after in… Read more »

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