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One researcher (which the BBC has identified only by his name, Michael Hulme) has said that while we are becoming increasingly dependant on… Read more »

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The recent news that interactive marketing company 24/7 Real Media Inc. and wireless content vendor Vindigo have teamed up to provide advert… Read more »

“The consumer electronics place is scary, because it’s an industry built on standards. At the end of the day differentiation has to be cosme… Read more »

Skweezer, a portal that reformats and compresses web pages for better viewing on a mobile phone, has added RSS feeds to its service. “RSS fe… Read more »

There is a legal battle underway in the US between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) (and TV studios) and consumer rights groups o… Read more »

Jamdat has released its figures for the fourth quarter of 2004. Revenues increased 122% compared to the same period in 2003, to $11.6 millio… Read more »

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So says Strategy Analytics, in a new study, arguing that the vendor-led rush to bring broadcast services to market misses the critical issue… Read more »

Artificial Life is back in the news for V-Girl, which has apparently now been named Vivienne (which has its roots in the Roman word for “ali… Read more »

Corporate users are far from convinced that 3G is a worthwhile technology for their companies to use, and if they spent US$16 billion on mob… Read more »

Indiagames has announced it plans to launch a live mobile game show “Gotta play gotta win”. Far from being the killer app the claims, the ga… Read more »

Wireless service provider Movida has teamed with Sprint and Wal-Mart Stores to market an MVNO service targeted at Hispanic communities in th… Read more » has linked to an interesting story about South Korean company Booktopia launching a series of mobile e-books about 29 Korean h… Read more »

An audio panel on the business opportunity in mobile gaming…Are 3D games just around the corner? What does this mean for the classic games… Read more »

(sub. req.) Universal Mobile, the digital arm of the world’s largest music company, is predicting an explosion in the value of content sold… Read more »

Big hopes for mobile television providing the next wave of growth are tempered by rampant uncertainty as to what the public actually wants -… Read more »

Transclick offer a translation service for SMS in 18 languages – a message is sent in one language and received in another. What’s even mor… Read more »

Nellymoser, Inc is an award-winning provider of solutions that enable leading media / entertainment companies, content providers and network… Read more »

ITN has signed a deal with O2 to provide access to ITN’s “680,000-hour archive of material including original Pathe News reels, Channel 4 Ne… Read more »

“Despite the notion that putting media content – particularly recognizable branded content – on mobile makes perfect sense, early attempts b… Read more »

The mobile content sector will get a monthly newspaper in March covering games, music video, lifestyle and adult… It will target people in… Read more »

Refer-X has launched a service where people can get rewarded for recommending content (games, at the moment) to their friends. “We only know… Read more »

One analyst thinks Australia’s Telstra could benefit from rolling out iMode because it will give the incumbent control of over-the-air payme… Read more »

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