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You know it is mainstream when New Yorker does a story on it…a fascinating story. “The ringtone also teaches us how songs work. Which clip… Read more »

It’s not quite at critical mass but music-to-mobile is picking up steam. Virgin Radio has a new deal with provider Sydus to offer Virgin Rad… Read more »

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There’s a lot of talk about using mobile phones as a method of payment, from handsets including RFID chips for contactless payment to chargi… Read more »

Discovery channel comes to mobiles: The Discovery Channel has hit mobile phones, with a portal that will “provide content from all of Discov… Read more »

UK telco O2 is the first to launch paid-for search listings on its mobile portal, using technology from MotionBridge. This was mooted back i… Read more »

Motricity has announced that it has named Michael Robinson as president of its Mobile Content Solutions Group (MCSG). Robinson previously wo… Read more »

Analysys has released a report of The World’s Top Ten Wireless Services, and it’s headed by Sprint’s voice service. The report judged servic… Read more »

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Sony Ericsson has unveiled its Walkman branded phone (the W800) which was mooted at 3GSM a couple of weeks ago. The model will start selling… Read more »

THQ Wireless is taking South Park to Europe, launching games, video clips, ring tones, wallpapers, screensavers and MMS. Along with South Pa… Read more »

In response to a trend by ringtone companies late last year to subscribe people to a service that sends several ringtones a week or month ra… Read more »

The “will it? won’t it?” question of TV on mobile phones is possibly the biggest one in the mobile industry at this point in time. “There is… Read more »

Mobility Magazine has run a feature on mobile e-mail. It includes what kind of e-mail service you should get if you are looking for one, the… Read more »

One researcher (which the BBC has identified only by his name, Michael Hulme) has said that while we are becoming increasingly dependant on… Read more »

The recent news that interactive marketing company 24/7 Real Media Inc. and wireless content vendor Vindigo have teamed up to provide advert… Read more »

“The consumer electronics place is scary, because it’s an industry built on standards. At the end of the day differentiation has to be cosme… Read more »

Skweezer, a portal that reformats and compresses web pages for better viewing on a mobile phone, has added RSS feeds to its service. “RSS fe… Read more »

There is a legal battle underway in the US between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) (and TV studios) and consumer rights groups o… Read more »

Jamdat has released its figures for the fourth quarter of 2004. Revenues increased 122% compared to the same period in 2003, to $11.6 millio… Read more »

So says Strategy Analytics, in a new study, arguing that the vendor-led rush to bring broadcast services to market misses the critical issue… Read more »

Artificial Life is back in the news for V-Girl, which has apparently now been named Vivienne (which has its roots in the Roman word for “ali… Read more »

Corporate users are far from convinced that 3G is a worthwhile technology for their companies to use, and if they spent US$16 billion on mob… Read more »

Indiagames has announced it plans to launch a live mobile game show “Gotta play gotta win”. Far from being the killer app the claims, the ga… Read more »

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