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Virgin Mobile has signed a one-year 450,000 pound deal with MTV UK for branded credits throughout the show, and a new content area on the MT… Read more »

“In the past month In-Fusio, Action Engine, Nokia, Elata and Volantis have thrown their hats in with new products aimed at content providers… Read more »

Philips Electronics has announced the development of a display with a five inch diagonal that can be rolled into a tube of 7.5 mm. It has al… Read more »

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Celltick, a mobile video startup based in London, has raised $11 million in its third financing round in order to finance expansion of its… Read more »

Audible seeks a creatively-driven consumer PR superstar to transform the service into the world-of-mouth phenomenon it deserves to be!
Ideal… Read more »

Nokia has launched a pilot project enabling cell phone users to watch TV broadcasts on their handsets in the Helsinki region. Besides Finnis… Read more »

Although music, video and games take the lions share of non-sms mobile data revenue (and therefore dominate the news) “other niche applicati… Read more »

It’s sometimes forgotten that mobiles are intended primarily to talk to other people – sound quality is important. This article details some… Read more » has seven images of Vivienne – the virtual girlfriend developed by Artificial Life – and other areas of her life such as her workpl… Read more »

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Sony’s new batch of management has the goal of combining its sprawling empire. “New chairman and CEO Stringer has a background in media and… Read more »

Digital Bridges will probably be making acquisitions later in the year to keep the pace with other mobile games publishers. “We will be maki… Read more »

This was inevitable – as memory on mobile phones increases there is less need to delete old messages and images, so people keep them. Some p… Read more »

If you’re in any other country except U.S., and watch MTV, you’ll realize how closely the company is associated with music (the pic on the r… Read more »

We will have wall-to-wall coverage of the upcoming CTIA show, especially the Mobile Entertainment Summit. Staci D. Kramer, the executive edi… Read more »

WAP is back – this time for sure, and it’s moving off portal. “However, most believe it will be the ringtone and logos companies, the ones s… Read more »

Indiagames has landed a deal to license the World Cyber Games Competition for mobile phones for three years. “Indiagames will be actively wo… Read more »

M:Metrics has launched a syndicated mobile market measurement service,providing continuous measurement of mobile content including games, mu… Read more »

Bcgi has launched Mobile Guardian – a “solution addressing the global need for content filtering by enabling wireless operators to offer par… Read more »

Vidiator Technology has released a program to create 3D Avatar-based applications. VeeAnimator provides “an easy way for content providers a… Read more »

Virgin Radio has teamed with Sydus to launch (what they claim is) the first radio station to be broadcast via 3G (or 2.5G) networks. The ser… Read more »

Mobeon has announced its intention to release 3D “phone buddies” for mobiles. Dubbed ‘mobies’, the characters will have around “50 ‘actions’… Read more »

Kiss FM, the first visual radio station has launched in Finland. “Kiss FM Visual Radio provides visual information on the song and artist cu… Read more »

The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) has denied that it is responsible for setting the $1 per device charge for digital rights management on mobil… Read more »

This is not a definitive list, just a list of smart young blood in the mobile content sector. Notice that except for one, none of them are… Read more »

Crazy Frog turns into a real prince: That’s right – when future generations look back at the beginning of the 21st century they will find th… Read more »

Samsung’s new SCG-S260 mobile phone soon to be launched in Korea allows people to write a note on white paper, take a picture of it and have… Read more »

MobZilla has a few interesting facts about the music industry on its investors page – so bear in mind it only has the good side of the story… Read more »

Paul Palumbo has interviewed Jill Braff, VP of marketing for Sorrent, about the mobile game industry. The 25 minute talk covers a wide range… Read more »

As a follow-on to the post below, Quocirca has an analysis piece on the difficulties in upgrading mobile handsets, albeit from a business pe… Read more »

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