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Primary in-house litigation counsel to MLBAM and its related entities. Read more »

JupiterResearch is the leading research and advisory company focused on the Internet and emerging consumer technologies.
We’re looking for… Read more »

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To report on audience usage patterns, behaviors and trends across media platforms (online, interactive TV and mobile) and across geographies… Read more »

The teams may still be in spring training but MLBAM is in playoff form. Over the next few days, the interactive arm of MLB plans a spate of… Read more »

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Vodafone has added eight new channels to its Mobile TV program in Germany, since “mobile phone TV is now one of Vodafone’s most popular info… Read more »

We’ve started a Flickr stream using the clever tag “CTIA” — join in. (We’ll be posting our pictures here as well.) Unfortunately, in my ze… Read more »

It’s just turning noon on Sunday and the folks at the Media Entertainment Summit in the windowless La Louisianne ballroom of the Morial Con… Read more »

Daniel Robinson over at Vnunet has decried the practice of mobile handset makers to promote their product as delivering “fantastic growth in… Read more »

British classified ad specialist Friday-Ad has created a WAP site to mirror its online services. Particularly interesting is the fact that “… Read more »

Bob Rapp from Microsoft has predicted gambling on mobile devices will be at least US$15billion by 2009, and has urged race tracks to update… Read more »

Durex has a campaign to promote its new line of condoms that involves women sending mobile “brownie points” to their lovers – if they were g… Read more »

Normally I wouldn’t blog the launch of a product, but Trivantis has launched the Zirada Mobile Publisher, a computer-based system for creati… Read more »

FHM (For Him Magazine) has made the move onto mobiles in the United States, initially by selling wallpapers of the covers and ringtones. Fro… Read more »

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs will keynote on Day One of CTIA Wireless 2005, and he will talk about his panned ventures in mobile content sector. We… Read more »

And don’t we know that…check out our dedicated CTIA blog…
And at CTIA, some of the innovations being discussed might be a bit radical: r… Read more »

MobileComNetworks is going for the on-demand advertising market in the US – that is, advertising that mobile phone users request get sent to… Read more »

Zone4Play has bought out its partner NetFun to become the sole owner of MixTV, getting all of MixTV’s patented broadcast TV technology. “The… Read more »

Yahoo has extended its RSS feeds to mobile devices, which the company has targeted as a growth area for its internet services. “To access co… Read more »

Chaoticom, one of the mobile music technology vendors in U.S., has realized that unpronouncable techie-counter-culture-friendly names sounds… Read more »

So this is not TV on mobile, but mobile video on traditional TV….Norway’s state broadcaster NRK claimed its test mobile transmission from… Read more »

Summus, a developer of mobile content and applications based in Raleigh, NC, has raised $4 million in new capital through the sale of stock… Read more »

MusiKube, an NYC-based mobile music recognition company, has launched its consumer service, called SongLink’d. It works similar to what othe… Read more »

mBlox, the mobile messaging transmission and billing company, has raised $7.5 million in additional funding from ORIX Venture Finance. Since… Read more »

Wiley Publishing is partnering with Airborne to put the For Dummies series of books on mobile phones. Sixteen titles will initially be made… Read more »

Aussie telco analyst Paul Budde has said that over-hyping in the mobile market is hampering the uptake of new content and applications. “We… Read more »

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