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Network Products and Core Services (NPCS) is a central business unit that develops, manages and maintains Yahoo! Front Doors, including the… Read more »

We are looking for an experienced, creative, talented and motivated executive to lead our marketing team. The Director of Marketing will lea… Read more »

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Sony BMG has released some figures on its sales of Music Tones, borrowing parlance from the recording industry. To wit:
– Usher has gone pl… Read more »

Stupid name, but they’re going somewhere with this… “Qix (pronounced “quicks”) is a compelling new mobile service discovery engine which c… Read more »

CinemaNow, the online movie service, is seeking a Marketing Manager responsible for multiple online marketing initiatives including retentio… Read more »

ould GPS mapping be the killer app for data-enabled cell phones? Judging from a proliferation of products and services at the CTIA Wireless… Read more »

We don’t usually cover the new phone hardware, but PhoneScoop we’re linking to this comprehensive new-phone section on it. Nokia an… Read more »

As in “keep it simple, stupid,” the recurring theme from the packed session on mobile tv now underway. “People are only going to use this s… Read more »

Yesterday when my Nokia 6620 was running on fumes and I realized my back-up battery was at the hotel, Chris Pfaff came to my rescue with a l… Read more »

Sorrent has shared preliminary results of its research into US users of mobile entertainment at CTIA. “Tweens (10-13 year olds) led mobile g… Read more »

Updated to reflect Reuters’ plan to also go with carriers…initial post suggested it won’t do that.
Reuters, the news agency, is ramping up… Read more »

Suddenly, wireless content and services tracking/metrics technologies are hot now: first it was Nielsen Mobile, then M:Metrics, and now IDC… Read more »

P Diddy, the rap mogul and entrepreneur (don’t mess with that wording…), gave a rousing (oh well) speech today at CTIA confab, happening… Read more »

– Consumer Reports On Mobile Phones: Starwave Mobile, a recently launched mobile publishing and licensing label from the Walt Disney Intern… Read more »

It’s already been noted that the number of exhibitors and the amount of exhibition space have both increased by 20 percent…”One factor in… Read more »

Qualcomm is at CTIA trying to convince telcos to use its products (much like everybody else, really), and should be especially keen to promo… Read more »

Greenlight Wireless has added a new feature to Skweezer which slices large Web pages to fit into the memory restrictions of the handset. “Ma… Read more »

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