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Here’s a good overview of the mobile games segment of the Games Developer Conference. Definitely worth the read if you’re interested in mobi… Read more »

AP has sent out a story about mobile phone users in Japan being able to download and read entire novels on their handsets. It’s a bit over-s… Read more »

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Nokia has agreed to put Opera’s mobile browser on several more handsets, bringing the total to 11. Opera expects the number to increase as m… Read more »

Following on from the scathing dismissal of mobile content at the beginning of the month, has published parts two an… Read more »

Australia’s incumbent telco Telstra will trial DVB-H mobile TV technology later this year, according to a story I wrote for the Icon section… Read more »

Here’s a few snippets of mobile content news that came out this week that may have passed you by…

Bango Provides On-Bill Payment In USA:… Read more »

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Movieseer has licensed video content from iFilms for distribution in 13 countries and territories in Asia. The content includes “more than 2… Read more »

Not the first time media company has gotten into mobile phone services (MVNOs: Virgin is an example. The upcoming ESPN and Disney-branded mo… Read more »

Emily has pointed to a service that will send you a notification of lost luggage via SMS (or e-mail or phone). Unfortunately the system reli… Read more »

Games for the next generation of consoles will cost between $10-$25 million to make, so new studios are suggested to “make games for mobile… Read more »

m-Qube has teamed with with Major League Baseball (MLB) Advanced Media to offer mobile content on the sport, or specifically on each of the… Read more »

The Register pointed to a press release from SanDisk about an announcement at CTIA on DRM enabled Flash Cards. “This will allow mobile netwo… Read more »

CinemaNow has announced agreements with Warner Music Group, Epitaph Records and TVT Records to sell music videos on a download-to-own basis.… Read more »

Responsible for the day-to-day business management and content strategy of dotcom properties:, and greatoutd… Read more »

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is the largest online movie rental service, providing nearly three million subscribers access to over 35,000 DVD titl… Read more »

CNET Networks is looking for a Partnership Manager within the Network Strategic Partnerships team. The Partnership Manager suggests, develop… Read more »

Gamespot announced the winners for The Second Annual Wireless Gaming Awards, also known as The Mobies, at the CTIA WIRELESS 2005 conference… Read more »

Reuters people told us about a correction in our earlier piece on Reuters’ mobile efforts. The news and info company will be working with op… Read more »

–Wireless Content Hype Hides Dark Clouds: “The loudest buzz at this year’s CTIA Wireless show is, as the organizing trade organization puts… Read more »

Yet another mobile TV deal, this one between Alcatel and video over internet protocols provider Path 1. The agreement will enable “the deliv… Read more »

Well, it’s actually eight-ish as I grab breakfast before heading to the airport but I was up at three am as a crackling thunderstorm rolled… Read more »

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