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Mobile portals are incredibly important for content developers, being the primary way to deliver content to consumers. However, not everybod… Read more »

The squeaky wheel gets the grease…the story so far: The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) sets standards for digital rights management (DRM) on m… Read more »

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(by Staci Kramer, Best April Fool’s I’ve seen so far. Still laughing.
From Mark Lowenstein: “Several wireless industry vet… Read more »

Canadian companies Digital Youth Network and Pacific Newspaper Group (publisher of The Province) have teamed up to offer a “Mobile On Demand… Read more »

As mobiles become increasingly important as a content channel, they also become increasingly important as an advertising channel. This artic… Read more »

Orange has unveiled a trio of handsets it will label ‘Great for Music’ to strengthen it’s push into the mobile digital music market, coincid… Read more »

For those of you unfamiliar with Happy Tree Friends it’s a series of short cartoons of friendly little furry creatures doing unspeakably gra… Read more » has launched a mobile beta-version of its search engine – Mobile Answers. The search engine has been reformated to fit the mobil… Read more »

Jamdat has scored the exclusive rights to develope Major League Baseball branded mobiles games, mooted earlier this month. “The extended mul… Read more »

“Prhaps the most promising sign for innovative mobile gaming to come out of the Games Developers Conference was an emerging methodology of m… Read more »

Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment is trying to develop and own the next iTunes–but for films, something it describes as “the new anti-Nap… Read more »

Among the best level-headed discussion of mobile video I’ve heard till now: a panel at Digital Hollywood on the mobile TV and mobile video o… Read more »

Well, the “walled garden” approach isn’t a myth, but the idea that it will work is…”Proponents of walled gardens also place an inordinate… Read more »

MediaBay is “a digital media and publishing company specializing in the marketing of spoken audio entertainment” which is changing its busin… Read more »

Big plans are underway to use mobile phones (and other mobile devices) to store, play and – most importantly – to sell music. Ringtonia has… Read more »

Saw-You must be jumping up and down with joy now that their product has been labelled a ‘killer app’ – or terrified because just about every… Read more »

Korea mobile operator KTF is launching a service allowing users to read magazines from home and abroad such as Woman Sense, Living Sense and… Read more »

Nielsen//NetRatings is “creating a ratings system to measure the number of people who are accessing news, entertainment and other services o… Read more »

Whether or not you believe the claims that adult content will drive uptake of mobile services in the same way it drove uptake of the Interne… Read more »

Mobile 365 has signed a deal with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to supply its mobile services. This mostly involves ways to… Read more »

Xingtone has landed a worldwide distribution agreement with Roxio. Xingtone’s new ringtone software that allows people to convert MP3, WAV a… Read more »

Mobile games passed the US$1 bn revenue mark in 2004, apparently an important point. “According to a briefing note by senior Ovum analyst Da… Read more »

This is an article about 3G technology, but you can’t talk about it without discussing content…one question about moving to the next gener… Read more »

Dwango is another mobile content company that’s seen tremendous growth from a very small base. “For the full year the company had sales of $… Read more »

A German church has taken to selling Christian ring tones to fund the restoration of its organ…For the equivalent of about £1.40, worship… Read more »

One analyst thinks carriers need to consider more carefully their strategies for streaming content to their customers. He argues that the co… Read more »

Making mobile handsets more useful to businesses Samsung has said it will release “file viewer phones” which can view MS Office files (inclu… Read more »

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