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Ringtonia has linked to a Los Angeles Times article speculating on whether a ringtone could become a hit song. “The idea intrigues hip-hop a… Read more » has linked to the new Siemens CX70 Emoty handset which offers user the opportunity to send MMS expressing their emotions… “T… Read more »

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Ubisoft, a global leader in the video games and entertainment software industry, is currently seeking a full-time Online Marketing Manager f… Read more »

Peerflix is an early-stage, consumer Internet company ( with an experienced management team and financial backing from top… Read more »

Fans of Hans Christian Anderson (author of such fairy tales as The Ugly Ducking, The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Little Mermaid) will soo… Read more »

Major advertising agencies including WPP Group, Aegis and Omnicom are on the lookout to acquire or partner with a mobile marketing agency. “… Read more »

Mobile operator 3 is offering its customers the ability to watch the Grand National on their mobiles, marking the first ever live TV stream… Read more »

In an inspired (or desperate) attempt to reach an apathetic public and get them to consider a political issue the Liberal Democrats in the U… Read more »

The salacious undertones of reporting on adult content means its often hard to get past the *nudge, nudge — wink, wink* aspect of stories.… Read more »

Nokia is promoting its latest handset (the 8800, unless you’re in the US where its the 8801) by including exclusive ringtones and alerts cre… Read more »

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