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There’s a lot of effort going in to working out the best way to interact with mobile phones, since your typical number keypad doesn’t really… Read more »

Toyota Hub is a telematics service launched in France last year that combines mobile computing with the latest Toyota models, enabling consu… Read more »

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Startup MSpot has launched with a streaming radio service for mobile phones in the United States, going live on Sprint’s Nationwide PCS Netw… Read more »

Qpass Executive Eric Harber has been elected to the board of the Mobile Entertainment Forum. “Recent achievements of the MEF include establi… Read more »

Mobile Research is a startup aimed at helping mobile content developers get their stuff on as many handsets as possible. The technique is sl… Read more »

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Israeli start-up Ki-Bi Mobile Technologies, a supplier of electronic cards for sending content to handsets, has received a venture investmen… Read more »

Well, we’ve been waiting, and some industry players are now starting to express doubts on whether ringbacks, as a phenomena, will ever be as… Read more »

An interesting powerplay between aggregators and labels, with the artists in the middle, as usual. The labels are coming down hard on compan… Read more »

At Digital Hollywood earlier this week, panelists were asked a question about the optimal pricing of the nascent mobile video services. None… Read more »

What kind of TV shows are best suited to be ported to mobiles? Well, Fox is trying with mobisodes of the hit show “24″. Seems like mystery/a… Read more »

SmartVideo, the mobile video services company, has sold approximately 2.4 million shares of its common stock and raised in excess of $5 mill… Read more »

Time Warner has started its MVNO trials in Kansas City (using Sprint’s infrastructure).. If the tests go well, Time Warner Cable will one d… Read more »

Mobile portals are incredibly important for content developers, being the primary way to deliver content to consumers. However, not everybod… Read more »

The squeaky wheel gets the grease…the story so far: The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) sets standards for digital rights management (DRM) on m… Read more »

(by Staci Kramer, Best April Fool’s I’ve seen so far. Still laughing.
From Mark Lowenstein: “Several wireless industry vet… Read more »

Canadian companies Digital Youth Network and Pacific Newspaper Group (publisher of The Province) have teamed up to offer a “Mobile On Demand… Read more »

As mobiles become increasingly important as a content channel, they also become increasingly important as an advertising channel. This artic… Read more »

Orange has unveiled a trio of handsets it will label ‘Great for Music’ to strengthen it’s push into the mobile digital music market, coincid… Read more »

For those of you unfamiliar with Happy Tree Friends it’s a series of short cartoons of friendly little furry creatures doing unspeakably gra… Read more » has launched a mobile beta-version of its search engine – Mobile Answers. The search engine has been reformated to fit the mobil… Read more »

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