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Vindigo has announced it will get into mobile gaming, probably as a response to mobile games becoming a strong contender for most sought-aft… Read more »

“This is going to be spectacular,” says Hyers. “It’s going to be worth a lot of money. It’s not an understatement to say that this is going… Read more »

TComm has launched a mobile TV service capable of delivering live, streamed and downloaded audio/video content to mobile phones…TELLYfoneS… Read more »

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Google has unveiled a mobile local search, “a test service for finding local restaurants, stores and other businesses via Web-enabled cell p… Read more »

While checking out a recent story on StupidVideos I noticed an ad. The ad led me to the VCast getFAMOUS mobile video competition, which invo… Read more »

“The mobile games industry is attracting rapidly increasing levels of venture capital, according to research published today by Screen Diges… Read more »

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M:Metrics has released some mobile content metrics for February, claiming it shows people are making use of the increased capabilities of th… Read more » reports that MoMedia International has signed an agreement with StupidVideos to distribute reality clips to mobile platforms… Read more »

Mobile games developer Pixiem has been bought by gambling company Win Win. Or at least, the purchase has been agreed in principle. “The prop… Read more »

Pacman has hit 25 years this year, and owner Namco is celebrating the franchise being “2004’s best-selling mobile game on several of the wor… Read more »

At the MipTV featuring Milia conference Ericsson has showcased how “an existing interactive TV format can be fully aligned with mobile devic… Read more »

Ki-Bi Mobile Technologies has announced plans to float on the London alternative investment market (AIM). “Market sources said that the comp… Read more »

Many in the mobile industry believe that content is what will keep the revenue of mobile operators growing in the future — which is a probl… Read more »

[by James Quintana Pearce]There is a strong argument that the technologies which are successful are those which allow person-to-person commu… Read more »

Time Inc has made a foray into mobile content, and tied up with vendor Flytxt, to implement a variety of text message-based content and mark… Read more »

There is a strong argument that the technologies which are successful are those which allow person-to-person communication, for example voic… Read more »

Ringtonia has linked to a Los Angeles Times article speculating on whether a ringtone could become a hit song. “The idea intrigues hip-hop a… Read more » has linked to the new Siemens CX70 Emoty handset which offers user the opportunity to send MMS expressing their emotions… “T… Read more »

Ubisoft, a global leader in the video games and entertainment software industry, is currently seeking a full-time Online Marketing Manager f… Read more »

Peerflix is an early-stage, consumer Internet company ( with an experienced management team and financial backing from top… Read more »

Fans of Hans Christian Anderson (author of such fairy tales as The Ugly Ducking, The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Little Mermaid) will soo… Read more »

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