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This job is an excellent business development opportunity for someone who wants to be at the forefront of IGN’s emerging technologies. Respo… Read more »

LOCATION: New York City, Cambridge, Massachusetts, or San Francisco Area


COMPANY SUMMARY: Maven develops, mark… Read more »

LOCATION: Cambridge, Massachusetts


COMPANY SUMMARY: Maven develops, markets, and sells a broadband software s… Read more »

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Carlo Longino at TheFeature has expressed skepticism that the cut in DRM licenses announced this morning by MPEG LA will be enough to satisf… Read more »

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“Vodafone has signed up to be the first sponsor of an Australian mobile soap opera in an ambush marketing deal designed to put its brand on… Read more »

“In the United States, 50 million cell phone owners are younger than 25 and will collectively spend $20 billion this year on their cell phon… Read more »

Mobile content is becoming more important at the Digital Hollywood conference, according to this blog, with the telco panel moved from the m… Read more »

So says Tapio Anttila, in his occasional newsletter…(end of page)…”Infospace Mobile is rumored to be bleeding. Anthony Stonefield left… Read more »

The BBC has finalized its five-year strategy for mobile…it is centred around mobile browsing, establishing the mobile version of… Read more »

ZKid Network has is negotiating to put its “safe internet surfing” service on mobile phones. Michael DeMaio, the head of creative marketing… Read more »

There’s a common strategy in press releases to mention the number of mobile users there are worldwide as if that is any indication of demand… Read more » has signed a deal with Telecom New Zealand to stream video clips of game reviews to 3G customers. “The video game reviews and previ… Read more »

ZDNet India: Rajesh Jain is a tech evangelist. He shot into fame when he sold his Internet content company IndiaWorld for $110 million in 19… Read more »

Siemens has launched a special edition M65 Real Madrid cameraphone for fans of the football team in Singapore. “The phone that is only avail… Read more »

An interesting report on the views of Scott Jenson, who claims “mobile services like WAP and MMS were set up to fail because designers looke… Read more »

This is great…Xing (known in the mobile content world for Xingtone and other mobile content) has started a record label. “The crossover op… Read more »

Everyone knows mobile phone operators spent up big to get 3G spectrum — £22 billion in the UK alone — and are now desperately trying to w… Read more »

Vindigo has announced it will get into mobile gaming, probably as a response to mobile games becoming a strong contender for most sought-aft… Read more »

“This is going to be spectacular,” says Hyers. “It’s going to be worth a lot of money. It’s not an understatement to say that this is going… Read more »

TComm has launched a mobile TV service capable of delivering live, streamed and downloaded audio/video content to mobile phones…TELLYfoneS… Read more »

Google has unveiled a mobile local search, “a test service for finding local restaurants, stores and other businesses via Web-enabled cell p… Read more »

While checking out a recent story on StupidVideos I noticed an ad. The ad led me to the VCast getFAMOUS mobile video competition, which invo… Read more »

“The mobile games industry is attracting rapidly increasing levels of venture capital, according to research published today by Screen Diges… Read more »

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