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Vodafone has announced that it will charge content providers for undeliverable premium messages. “From next month, if the successful billing… Read more »

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Japanese company Faith Inc — which owns Moderati (previously known as FaithWest) — has quietly acquired Takenet, the Brazilian mobile cont… Read more »

On the heels of Google (NSDQ: GOOG), Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) and (NSDQ: ANSW) testing local mobile search and information, comes the… Read more »

Charles Arthur has taken a recent news story about a study that found mobile phones do not cause cancer and extrapolated it to a utopia for… Read more »

MipTV was invaded by mobile phone companies this year, and the TV guys are becoming interested. “We spent most of last year trying to pitch… Read more »

Clear Channel is concerned about the future of radio, and is thus looking to expand into other media — particularly online and mobile. “An… Read more »

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Groove Mobile has launched Discover HITS, a ‘push’ mobile music service. Rather than assuming that users know what music they want when they… Read more »

“Adult mobile content provider PhoneBox Entertainment announced that traffic on exceeded 500,000,000 hits in February 2005.… Read more »

In this position, you will be working closely with the content industry and Intel divisions to develop and/or drive high impact global conte… Read more »

The Product Manager is responsible for end-to-end ownership of the product. This includes identifying user and market trends, helping to def… Read more »

Moreover Technologies, the premier provider of real-time news, current awareness and business information successful, is searching for a mot… Read more »

This job is an excellent business development opportunity for someone who wants to be at the forefront of IGN’s emerging technologies. Respo… Read more »

LOCATION: New York City, Cambridge, Massachusetts, or San Francisco Area


COMPANY SUMMARY: Maven develops, mark… Read more »

LOCATION: Cambridge, Massachusetts


COMPANY SUMMARY: Maven develops, markets, and sells a broadband software s… Read more »

Carlo Longino at TheFeature has expressed skepticism that the cut in DRM licenses announced this morning by MPEG LA will be enough to satisf… Read more »

“Vodafone has signed up to be the first sponsor of an Australian mobile soap opera in an ambush marketing deal designed to put its brand on… Read more »

“In the United States, 50 million cell phone owners are younger than 25 and will collectively spend $20 billion this year on their cell phon… Read more »

Mobile content is becoming more important at the Digital Hollywood conference, according to this blog, with the telco panel moved from the m… Read more »

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