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Picturephoning has linked to another competition that requires making a two-minute film using your mobile phone…”users must take pictures,… Read more »

“Key issues for the future of Digital Rights Management (DRM) are the question of proprietary versus “open” technologies, and whether govern… Read more »

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OK, the title’s fairly obvious, but according to this article its not just because mobile phones offer a new marketing channel. The record l… Read more »

Canada’s biggest digital content event, the Vancouver International Digital Festival, is offering a CD$500 for the best picture taken with a… Read more »

The Earth version of the Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy (the reference-to-everything made famous by Douglas Adams) has now been reformatted for mobile devices. A very nice example of life imitating art…The mobile edition of the guide has been timed to coincide with the release of […] Read more »

When P. Diddy declared “I am an MVNO” a lot of people tittered, and a lot of people thought “Actually, he’s got a very good point”. Let’s f… Read more »

I-play (formerly Digital Bridges) has signed a deal with Spanish Telefonica to offer its suite of mobile games directly from Telefonica’s em… Read more »

Thanks to the MIPTV/MILIA audiovisual and digital content trade show everyone is talking about TV on mobile phones. The general concensus se… Read more »

BusinessWeek’s latest international edition has a cover story (and a bunch of related stories) on efforts by the triumverate of handset manu… Read more »

Mobile gaming has been compared to the early years of PC gaming…”It is reminiscent of the early 90s, when PC gaming was about to break. Fo… Read more »

Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility, two of the largest operators in Canada, have tied up with US company Idetic (operator of MobiTV), to laun… Read more »

Vodafone has announced that it will charge content providers for undeliverable premium messages. “From next month, if the successful billing… Read more »

Japanese company Faith Inc — which owns Moderati (previously known as FaithWest) — has quietly acquired Takenet, the Brazilian mobile cont… Read more »

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