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The Register has an article claiming that once “compulsory licensing” is introduced (something the author views as a forgone conclusion) the… Read more »

m-Wise, provider of mobile content solutions for operators, ASPs and content providers, today disclosed preliminary information of a ten-fol… Read more »

Well, good for them, but I’ll belive it when I see it…Ed Zander, CEO of Moto said the iTunes product would be coming out in the next few m… Read more »

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This is a little disconcerting…”Symbian anti-virus specialist SimWorks announced today that it has identified 52 previously unknown trojan… Read more »

I know what you’re thinking — what’s the point of a VoIP service on mobile phones when the devices are intended primarily for talking and v… Read more »

Jamdat has bought Blue Lava Wireless for $137 million. “As part of the transaction, JAMDAT has acquired an exclusive, 15 year worldwide lice… Read more »

“Google is planning a WAP version of its new local mapping service for the UK, but admits it will make no revenues from its SMS service…Ka… Read more »

“The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association compiled mobile game data for the first time from 2004…It produces the offi… Read more »

Xingtone has launched mStore, “a turnkey e-commerce solution for independent content owners to market, sell and deliver real-music ringtones… Read more »

(sub. req.) A story on the venture money in the mobile content and services market. Research from VentureOne found that start-ups in the m… Read more »

Japanese mobile giant DoCoMo is planning to buy up a 33.4 per cent stake in the credit card company Sumitomo Mitsui, with a view to bolsteri… Read more »

The International Digital Media Project aims to create interoperable digital rights management (DRM), and “is expected to release the indust… Read more »

“South Korean electronics giant Samsung unveiled the first of two cell phones that translate speech into text, in the latest attempt to make… Read more »

iPods have been headlining in the news for some time now, and recently the gleeful predictions of podcasts killing radio have been replaced… Read more »

Thumbplay, which recently launched an independant mobile content portal, is looking for “content partners” from around the world. However, “… Read more »

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