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Verizon Wireless has signed a deal with Universal Music Group to offer a music catalogue for ringback tones. “Ringback Tones from Universal… Read more »

“The Finns and Koreans are at war over mobile TV…Both sides have been showcasing competing technologies at the MIPTV-Milia digital content… Read more »

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So says Trip Hawkins, founder of games behemoth Electronic Arts. He’s started Digital Chocolate (motto: seize the minute) and is concentrati… Read more »

SportsTicker, ESPN’s instant sports news and information service, announced an agreement with mobile search company 4INFO to provide real-ti… Read more »

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The Telegraph (Calcutta): India’s largest ISP, Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) fears a churn in customers following a Telecom Regulatory Aut… Read more »

UK operator O2 has signed a deal with the Financial Times to provide global business and financial news to mobile operators, with the mobile… Read more »

1) Candy Shop, 50 Cent Featuring Olivia
2) Lovers And Friends, Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz Featuring Usher & Ludacris
3) Number One Sp… Read more »

IDC has forecast a strong growth in people watching video (TV and films) on mobiles, despite listing some obvious obstacles (lack of handset… Read more »

Vodafone will offer HavocTV Mobile, an alternative music channel with an “unwavering focus on the vanguards of alternative, electronic, punk… Read more »

A report has found that “users consider 12 clicks to be an acceptable click-distance (the number of clicks/menus to arrive at the desired co… Read more »

Staci D. Kramer over at our sister publication has interviewed Larry Shapiro, EVP business development and operations and GM… Read more »

Ascent Media Group, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Hewlett Packard have signed an agreement to move Sony’s film and TV production to digita… Read more »

So Visual Radio is headed to U.S., after a hard and long gestation period…it is an interactive radio technology developed by Nokia and bei… Read more »

Crown Castle Mobile Media (a subsidiary of Crown Castle International Corp) has announced it’s gone with Microsoft for its broadcast TV, and… Read more »

Producers of children’s TV shows are gearing up to offer mobile content suitable for toddlers — “you can’t ignore the convenience factor wh… Read more »

Picturephoning has linked to another competition that requires making a two-minute film using your mobile phone…”users must take pictures,… Read more »

“Key issues for the future of Digital Rights Management (DRM) are the question of proprietary versus “open” technologies, and whether govern… Read more »

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