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We are looking for a dedicated professional to join our team as a marketing manager focused on subscriber acquisition and retention. This pe… Read more »

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Finnish digital gambling company EGET (European Game & Entertainment Technology Ltd Ab) has added mobile lotto to its lottery product line.… Read more »

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Ringtonia has pointed to a competition to create video ringtones, with a 1,500 euro prize. From the website: “Why use just an acustic ringto… Read more »

As mobiles allow more media-rich content to be consumed on the devices people are beginning to think about the implications of putting conte… Read more »

If you recently appplied for these five Yahoo jobs, please reapply to the new e-mail contact listed in these jobs..the old e-mail listed wen… Read more »

A very good point: “Phone-based music has tremendous potential but it doesn’t necessarily lie in having Cingular become iTunes. It lies in d… Read more »

It’s not really mobile, but…Viseon, which sells a VoIP digital phone to hook up to a homes broadband link, has announced that “AccuWeather… Read more »

JackpotJoy, one of the UK’s biggest casual gambling sites, is to launch on mobile, saying a deal with a major network operator is just weeks… Read more »

“Media agency MediaCom has embarked on an initiative to measure response rates from mobile marketing against other media – a move that the a… Read more »

The Register has an article claiming that once “compulsory licensing” is introduced (something the author views as a forgone conclusion) the… Read more »

m-Wise, provider of mobile content solutions for operators, ASPs and content providers, today disclosed preliminary information of a ten-fol… Read more »

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