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Gamespot News: GameSpot has a nice and long story on the mobile gaming and development scene in India, spearheaded by the likes of Indiagame… Read more »

(via TechDirt) Well, according to a very informal survey by JupiterResearch analyst Julie Ask…so here’s what it needs: education. In other… Read more »

JupiterResearch is the leading research and advisory company focused on the Internet and emerging consumer technologies.

We’re looking for… Read more »

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Payvision as a company stands for making the most revenue for our clients, delivering the best possible technology based solution in combina… Read more »

Just to prove it’s not all rap artists and moantones, violin virtuoso Nicola Benedetti is to launch a range of mobile phone ringtones to tap… Read more »

Telcogames and Taiwan-based aggregator Abletech have today completed a shareholders agreement to found a new company, Telcogames ASIA. Based… Read more »

Time Inc. is developing a sustainable mobile marketing strategy for its magazines starting with People and Teen People…it recently tied up… Read more »

A story on the turnaround of Qpass…Founded in 1997, Qpass has hit on nearly every financing trend of the past eight years. And, now, its a… Read more »

For those who are unfamiliar with QR Codes, they are basically 2-dimensional barcodes that use little blocks instead of lines and can hold t… Read more »

Ki-Bi Mobile Technologies, which uses plastic cards with codes allowing access to mobile content as a distribution method (via retail stores… Read more »

Can this article avoid the usual twitterings about vibrating phones? No. Nevertheless, it does have some good insights into the uses for the… Read more »

Top selling ringtones compiled from internet reports collected and provided by Nielsen Mobile, as posted on our sister site Billboardpostpla… Read more »

The Townsville Bulletin has been “reassured” by the number of young people who responded to a request to “TXT the Editor” with their views o… Read more »

Email is the “killer app” of the internet, so shouldn’t it be the “killer app” of mobile phones, too? Possibly… this article certainly poi… Read more »

This is an interesting article discussing the proposal to put loyalty schemes on mobile phones — the idea being that more people remember t… Read more »

Flavorpill is a free, weekly email covering a handpicked selection of arts, music, and cultural events in various cities…Flavorpill Produc… Read more »

We are looking for a dedicated professional to join our team as a marketing manager focused on subscriber acquisition and retention. This pe… Read more »

Finnish digital gambling company EGET (European Game & Entertainment Technology Ltd Ab) has added mobile lotto to its lottery product line.… Read more »

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