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Update: Our server move went well..we’re now on a brand-spanking-new dedicated server, and hopefully all our downtime worries are gone…
We… Read more »

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Last week 3 Australia “received the equivalent of a gold record for mobile phones for 35,000 downloaded copies of Eric Prydz’s music video C… Read more »

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As noted here earlier, Indiagames, the mobile gaming firm, has received $4 million from Cisco and Macromedia..the ocmpany is majority owned… Read more »

So the Japanese mobile content giant is buying out everyone in US and UK…it just announced a big acquisition in iTouch Plc, for $344 milli… Read more »

ATTimes: Sales of handsets that are able to view Korea’s version of broadcast TV on mobile phones (DMB) have fallen short of expectations…… Read more »

ROK has signed a deal with Granada Ventures to put ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ on mobile phones. The press release claims it is the first fea… Read more »

Wired has fun with its annual Wired 40 list. “They’re masters of technology and innovation. They’re global thinkers driven by strategic visi… Read more »

The IAB issued its analysis of online advertising in 2004, reporting revenues up totaling over $9.6 billion, nearly 33 percent over 2003. Th… Read more »

Can’t say for sure, but as this Business 2.0 story points out, Mforma should announcing it by the end of this year…I would be suprised if… Read more »

I played a very small part in the Atlanta newspapers’ earliest efforts to make money by delivering news via computer (the 1980s’ CompuServe… Read more »

[Staci D. Kramer]As I mentioned a while back, I’ll be in Nashville May 7 for BlogNashville — a BloggerCon-like event being held between the… Read more »

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