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MSN took an expected hit from the pullback in Internet Access, contributing to a 5-percent dip in revenue year over year, $564 million down… Read more »

RSS is about choice and some RSS users are choosing to unsubscribe from feeds including ads. The reasons range from the ideal to sheer annoy… Read more »

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Chinese net portal reported a 47 percent drop in Q1 profits, but said revenue from its wireless value-added services rose for the f… Read more »

That’s according to some new research by Informa…about 125 million consumers will be watching TV on their mobile phone in five years from… Read more »

Reuters has launched a mobile news service offering global news stories to mobile users in the UK and the US, as the news service aims expan… Read more »

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(sub. req.), one of the biggest Japanese mobile content companies, which recently bought out two U.S. based mobile content comp… Read more »

NYT has a story on the fact that small, portable devices are easy to steal and fence. “For companies whose employees carry sensitive digital… Read more »

–Disney To Close MovieBeam
–NBC U Names New Digital Head
–Infinity Launches First Podcasting Radio Station
–Google Tests RSS Ad Inserts… Read more »

Silver Screen Studios has released the rules for its 3G film contest, which has a first prize of US$500 and a 3G phone (PDF). They’re pretty… Read more »

Business 2.0 has discovered that companies are doing mobile metrics, and put up an article on M:Metrics…”The 20-person startup could face… Read more »

This is a very well-written article explaining why marketing to youth is important for any new technology, and in this case mobile phones. “… Read more »

Another day, another Google advertising move. Lots of buzz about Google’s test of AdSense ads in RSS feeds. Jason Calacanis is even using al… Read more »

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