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– Reuters’ President on Mobile Media
— Is India Ready For 3G? Yes It Is!
— Telcos To Have A Revenue Sharing Model With Content Industry
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It may not sound like much in the grand scheme of things but this 1.9 percent decrease includes some even more significant numbers. Accordin… Read more »

Merrill Lynch analyst Lauren Rich Fine surveys the April media stock landscape and finds the internet group leading the pack. Newspapers wer… Read more »

“Mobile entertainment isn’t entertaining if you have to wait for it.” Very true…long loading times of portal pages are inhibiting the take… Read more »

This article is a panegyric to Verisign and seems to cover just about everything the company is doing. Since that includes some things invol… Read more »

Hot Ringtones – Issue Date: May 7, 2005. Top selling ringtones compiled from internet reports collected and provided by Nielsen Mobile, via… Read more »

Greg Ballard, the boss of mobile games firm Sorrent/Macrospace and former head of games firm Capcom US, has predicted that “2005/6 were goin… Read more »

Infospace recently got savaged by stock analysts for claiming a slowdown in mobile content revenues was due to “seasonality”, but now M:Metr… Read more »

Umang Das, CEO of Spice Telecom, said that the question should be how quickly 3G can be introduced in Indiaâ Read more »

Just followed a Silicon Valley Beat pointer to Snap’s beta news search engine. It isn’t going to put other news search services out of busin… Read more »

Engadget scored an interview with Bill Gates and used the opportunity to question where Microsoft is going in the console and mobile device… Read more »

In an interview with our sister site, Chris Ahearn, the president of Reuters Media spoke about broadband, online and mobile,… Read more »

According to Ericsson the main benefit of TV on mobile phones is not the mobility, but the interactivity. “TV broadcasters are yet to warm t… Read more »

The New York Times has an interesting article on Donald E. Stout, co-founcer of NTP, the company that recently settled a $450 million licens… Read more »

According to the New York Post, Cherolet has signed a sponsorship deal with AOL Music worth about $5 million. Chevy will sponsor AOL Music S… Read more »

Adam Curry, described as the “podfather” in this NYT piece by Ken Belson, will produce and host a weekday four-hour show on Sirius Satellite… Read more »

At the Mobile Media conference earlier last week, organized by the Media Center, Jeff Lorbeck, VP and GM for MediaFLO (Qualcommm’s subsidiar… Read more »

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