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July Systems has signed a deal to launch its Play2Win interactive mobile game service on the portal, run by MobileStreams.… Read more »

Poor NY was having some major trouble launching its online registration efforts (which started today), and everyone who hates them… Read more »

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Wi-Fi TV Inc has come to the conclusion that mobile porn offers a “get rich quick” scheme that’s not to be missed. The company has formed a… Read more »

iVillage reported overall 1Q05 revenues or $17.3 million, up 11 percent compared with $15.5 milliin in 1Q04. On its own, was r… Read more »

PlanetOut turned a net income of $179,000 for 1Q05 compared to a net loss of $204,000 in 1Q04. Revenues Total revenue for the quarter hit $6… Read more »

The GSM Association has rejected the revised DRM licensing offer from MPEG LA. Originally priced at $1 per handsets and 1% of all transactio… Read more »

Update: See Oops: MLBAM Suspends Nationals.TV Offer

In a first-time move, Major League Baseball is allowing in-market, no blackout viewing… Read more »

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A few weeks ago I blogged on the launch of a new service, Lyricize, which allows you to personalize songs. Soon after I received an e-mail f… Read more »

This article on using mobile phones to search for information steers clear of the 3G-whizz stuff and focusses on things that anybody can do.… Read more »

The New York Times has done a special on circuits — mostly covering wireless devices. There are some very interesting stories here, and I’l… Read more »

On the heels of the prediction that will outpace Forbes the magazine by 2006, Jesse Kornbluth bites the hands that fed him for so… Read more »

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— Sorrent Raises $20M In New Funding
— BBC Versus The Mobile Operators
— Latin America’… Read more »

– Sorrent Raises $20M In New Funding
— BBC Versus The Mobile Operators
— Latin America’s Wireless Content Market Set to Samba
— Teen Ti… Read more »

You’ve read a lot (here and everywhere else) about BBC’s online/interactive efforts and its effects on the general state on UK’s online indu… Read more »

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