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Production firm Fremantle Media is searching for a partner to launch Thumbdance in the UK…shows include Baywatch and Benny Hill. “The adva… Read more »

Mobile technology firm Yospace is launching a new service that enables users to post web log, or blog, entries from their mobile phones…it… Read more »

Nike has launched its first full WAP site for its global Nike Showdown street skills initiative, where people send in videos of themselves s… Read more »

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That was my first reaction when I saw a story on last night about Patrick Houston leaving CNET to work for Yahoo. I’m not suggesting… Read more »

Never mind. Turns out MLBAM isn’t actually sure whether it has the rights to stream games live in the local market so would-be Nationals.TV… Read more »

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This is a pretty smart move by Vodafone, and a pretty intense exercise in product placement. A new street racing game from THQ Wireless –… Read more »

The History Channel has launched a mobile website, allowing visitors to “access quizzes, trivia, and programming information via their smart… Read more »

Every man and their dog have remarked that ringtones cost a lot more than their better-quality MP3 cousins…this short interview with a mus… Read more »

According to The Courier Mail, a major record company is holding out and Apple has had to cancel an ad buy and postpone what was to have bee… Read more »

Lightningcast has announced the launch of its Mobile Video Advertising Solution, which allows mobile video providers to “seamlessly and dyna… Read more »

The NY Daily News reports that rival NY Post reversed efforts to collect “a mother lode of highly personal information, including name, age,… Read more »

– Yahoo Launches Video Search; Ties With Content Providers
— Microsoft Launches IP Licensing Program
— Dow Jones Ripe For Picking?
— MLB… Read more »

As my mother might say, take the needle out of your arm. A sale or buyout bid isn’t completely impossible — we never say never here at paid… Read more »

July Systems has signed a deal to launch its Play2Win interactive mobile game service on the portal, run by MobileStreams.… Read more »

Poor NY was having some major trouble launching its online registration efforts (which started today), and everyone who hates them… Read more »

Wi-Fi TV Inc has come to the conclusion that mobile porn offers a “get rich quick” scheme that’s not to be missed. The company has formed a… Read more »

iVillage reported overall 1Q05 revenues or $17.3 million, up 11 percent compared with $15.5 milliin in 1Q04. On its own, was r… Read more »

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