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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) announced the launch of the Mobile Web Initiative (MWI) during the WWW2005 Conference, an endeavor to ma… Read more »

As predicted yesterday, Microsoft has launched the new version of Windows Mobile, which combines the Pocket PC and Smartphone brands/program… Read more »

Mercora, a company which allows users to broadcast their song playlists over a p2p network, has launched a mobile version of the service dub… Read more »

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Mforma, the mobile content company which has been acquiring a lot of companies and is widely expected to have an IPO this year, is moving it… Read more »

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Some nice pics from today’s ContentBiz 2005 seminar on Selling Subscriptions on the Internet. On Flickr.
The coverage is sponsored by Click&… Read more »

Just got word of this: Yahoo’s going to start a paid music service for $6.99/month. How’s that for a subscription model? Will see what react… Read more »

[reporting by Dorian Benkoil]
Updated: John Federico of clarifies yesterday’s news: Audible periodical content via RSS “will wo… Read more »

The Feature hosts are good argument as to why video shortcodes will create a boom in the video content market. “Video shortcodes are the sim… Read more »

Susteen has announced that Alltel Corporation has chosen to continue using Susteen’s DataPilot Transfer Center (DTC), an innovative in-store… Read more »

Nokia will make the air interface specifications (which specify how mobile TV terminals interconnect with the network end of the mobile TV s… Read more »

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