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Long Tail Blog: Chris Anderson, the editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, whose “Long Tail” theory is all the rage for the last six months or s… Read more »

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G-Unit, the urban brand founded by hip-hop artist 50 Cent, expanded its relationship with mobile media company Zingy to create an unusual se… Read more »

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Julie Ask, a JupiterResearch analyst who is blogging her experience with trying ringback tones, has stated that friends — once they learn t… Read more »

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (a 3,400-member organization which includes such mobile behemoths as Nokia and Motorola) has announced… Read more »

Forbes Magazine has run a very good 4-page story on mobile content…covering pretty much everything including the fact that some people are… Read more »

“Wireless entertainment publisher iFone has released a forecast predicting massive growth for the US mobile gaming market, which it says wil… Read more »

– Qualcomm Reveals Mobile TV Partners; To Invest $800 Million
– Billboard To Give Charts Short Codes For Mobile Downloads
– Earnings: Jam… Read more »

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