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Susteen has announced that Alltel Corporation has chosen to continue using Susteen’s DataPilot Transfer Center (DTC), an innovative in-store… Read more »

Nokia will make the air interface specifications (which specify how mobile TV terminals interconnect with the network end of the mobile TV s… Read more »

iTunes’ stores debuted today in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland; that brings the total to 19 countries. The Swiss store is teaming u… Read more »

– to Redesign, Calendarlive Going Back To fr*ee
— Audible Gears For UK Launch Next Month; To Invest $2 Million
— Audible’s… Read more »

loading external resource has linked to a couple of technologies that allow users to share files between mobile phones, without going through the carrie… Read more »

Fathammer has signed a deal to provide 10 3D games for SK Telecom’s new game phones. Perhaps more importantly the contract also includes Fat… Read more »

Well, I’ll believe it when I see it, but apparently the pics posted over the last week were indeed development shots of iTunes Mobile. The c… Read more »

Microsoft is taking another crack at the mobile market…it is expected to unveil its new Windows Mobile 2005 operating system, codenamed Ma… Read more »

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