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You can see today’s conference photos of Highbeam’s Kathy Sexton, Stephen Wynkoop, fellow blogger David Eckoff, and our main guest blogger D… Read more »

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This is an in-house posting: We need a journalist-blogger in London…I’ll be covering the big Mobile Entertainment Market conference in Jun… Read more »

Napster, whose stock has been hit severely today after Yahoo’s new discount music service, is now touting its ringtones as a major part of i… Read more »
IDC analyst Roger Kay: “Now that the record companies are on board, the industry is really taking off. … There’s a comfor… Read more »

PlayGirl has moved to increase the number ways it can tittilate women, including (naturally) mobile phones. The offering includes “a package… Read more »

[reporting by Dorian Benkoil] Anne Holland of MarketingSherpa wrapped up the conference she heads with her top 10. (It’s really more than 10… Read more »

NTL and O2 have unveiled details of a six-month mobile TV trial in the UK, which will include content from Turner, Discovery and BSkyB. The… Read more »

[reporting by Dorian Benkoil] Subscription research site HighBeam was formed in only January 2004 (from what was eLibrary), but they’re alre… Read more »

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