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According to the latest Music Media Watch newsletter, “Excite Japan started a new site for chaku-uta and chaku-motion called ‘Excite Music’… Read more »

ELSPA (the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association) has published the top mobile game sales for the UK.

1 Who Wants To Be… Read more »

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Mobile phones are becoming too complex, according to leading mobile industry design consultant Scott Jenson, resulting in an overhyping of s… Read more »

160characters, the mobile messaging forum, has decided to run the 2005 Heros and Villains Awards alongside its annual Global Messaging Award… Read more »

Blue Sphere Games “will release its plans for 2005 at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles”, which isn’t incredibly interesting… Read more »

Everyone is talking about TV on mobile phones, and hyping the hell out of their particular service in the hopes it will be the one which cat… Read more »

Gamespot has left off games for a bit and spent some time reviewing ringtones. It covers all the major US telcos and some large third party… Read more »

It’s still not available on U.S. flights but in-flight internet access is starting to take off. A flurry of recent in-flight blog posts, Sky… Read more »

Adam Curry’s Podshow debuts tonight on Sirius, a cavalcade of podcasts collected into one four-hour broadcast. The timing makes sense for Si… Read more »

Following Manchester United and Chelsea’s lead, Scottish Premier League Hearts will offer Hearts Broadband with Viatel; the commuications co… Read more »

:[By Dorian BenkoilIt’s been a couple of days. Enough time to think, but the ideas are still fresh. Here are my takeaways:
— Content is Que… Read more »

I’ll be in NYC the whole of next week, attending at four (yes!)conferences: Personal Democracy Forum, Syndicate Conference, Streaming Media… Read more »

We need a journalist-blogger in London…I’ll be covering the big Mobile Entertainment Market conference in June there, and since there are… Read more »

Our journalist S Karat was there for the ever India 3G Summit 2005, held last week in New Delhi. Read his reports below for a greater-under… Read more »

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