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Well, that’s stating the obvious, but interesting thing about this is they’re probably looking at smaller/one-person companies, not to help… Read more »

Rush Limbaugh adds podcaster to his resume June 3, when subscribers to Rush Limbaugh 24/7 ($49.95 annually) will be able to get a podcast fe… Read more »

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– ISPs Dismiss BBC Worries over Foreign Control of Broadband: Foreign-owned ISPs have defended their position in the development of the UK… Read more »

“Alltel is putting its bet on 3D mobile gaming. The carrier announced Extreme Air Snowboarding, Slam Basketball, and Trophy Whitetail Huntin… Read more »

Textually has pointed to the Nokia Concept Lounge, which highlights some of the ideas Nokia designers have come up with. The demonstration i… Read more »

Jamdat has signed a deal with id Software to publish “Doom RPG” for mobiles in conjunction with the release of the upcoming Doom movie…”DO… Read more »

FinancialContent, Inc. will provide stock market data to Interactive Taxi, a 600-plus fleet of cabs with touchscreen video displays in the b… Read more »

Linktone, a provider of mobile content to the Chinese market, has bought Brilliant Concept Investments, which has 15 million registered user… Read more »

Talk about the glass being half empty…LinuxElectrons has reported on a JupiterResearch report on consumer attitudes to watching TV on mobi… Read more »

Here’s a short article summarizing an interview with Barney Wragg – Vice President of the eLabs arm of Universal Music Group focused on DRM… Read more »

Coca Cola UK has launched a promotion with the prize being mobile music — either ringtones or full-song downloads, and it might turn a prof… Read more »

Privately held AgileTV has closed another round of funding in its quest to provide voice navigation to the cable industry. The funds — no a… Read more »

Nobody should be surprised that mobile games are making a big splash at E3, so we’ll cut right to the chase. Game journo Keith Stuart has co… Read more »

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