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A customized version of AOL’s Instant Messenger and ICQ IM will be integrated into GameTap when Turner Broadcasting launches its new broadba… Read more »

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And lots of other words the more I read about this new idea of combining RFID tags with biometrics to preserve the sanctity of a DVD or othe… Read more »

This article — based on Impaq Group’s “Mobile Life 1″ report into Mobility and Customer Loyalty — lists the top ten functions mobiles are… Read more »

Sandvine, a broadband technology management company, has received $15 million in VC financing. Newbury Ventures led the financing round, jo… Read more »

Billboard (which partners with the parent company of Moconews to publish BillboardPostPlay) has announced its plans to move into the mobile… Read more »

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke to Joystiq, and among other things, talked about XBox as a media distribution channel, and getting integra… Read more »

In article about the ringtone market in Australia falling due to saturation and new MP3 player phones, the real gems are towards the bottom.… Read more »

IST Results has put out a story about the MAESTRO project which aims to harness “satellite technology together with existing 3G UMTS network… Read more »

Australia’s incumbent telco Telstra has apparently finally figured out how to make mobile content work after a series of what can only be ca… Read more »

Amp’d, the MVNO aimed at young people into extreme sports, has announced its gaming plans…the details are in the article, the most interesting point is that Amp’d doesn’t plan to seperate content based on the type of content but on the content itself. Case in point, […] Read more »

Bart Feder, president and CEO of The FeedRoom, explained to Lost Remote’s Steve Safran how the company became an ASP: “We recognized along t… Read more »

Wireless device operating system developer Symbian said it appointed Nigel Clifford as its chief executive officer, to take over the post in… Read more »

Coverage of Syndicate continues even though Rafat had to switch conferences today. He’ll be posting some more, including audio of the panel… Read more »

Nokia has announced at E3 that it will make its N-Gage playable on its smartphones, which is good news for developers who can now create one… Read more »

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