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Coca Cola UK has launched a promotion with the prize being mobile music — either ringtones or full-song downloads, and it might turn a prof… Read more »

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Privately held AgileTV has closed another round of funding in its quest to provide voice navigation to the cable industry. The funds — no a… Read more »

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Nobody should be surprised that mobile games are making a big splash at E3, so we’ll cut right to the chase. Game journo Keith Stuart has co… Read more »

And I thought XM’s own portable service would do the trick, but thsi makes sense…if DVB-H services have started launching now, why not sat… Read more »

TU Media, an offshoot of the largest mobile operator in Korea — SK Telecom, has crowed that 20,000 people have signed up to its satellite-b… Read more »

M:Metrics has found a gender gap in people who download mobile games — men are twice as likely to download mobile games as women, despite t… Read more »

Issue Date: May 21, 2005 – Top selling ringtones compiled from internet reports collected and provided by Nielsen Mobile, via BillboardPostP… Read more »

– Gordon Crovitz, EVP-electronic publishing, Dow Jones: “This is an important step in showing that publishers with respected brands and str… Read more »

Sudoku is the game found in many newspapers which involves filling in an unfinished grid of numbers…it’s the sort of simple game which doe… Read more »

NetImperative has a strange story on mobile music derived from the MobileYouth 2005 report…Some interesting stats came first: “Young peopl… Read more »

Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons says that AOL is looking to take its new AOL open-portal strategy outside of U.S. “We’ve been working with A… Read more »

Can’t help throwing my two cents in today’s debate over RSS vs. email, as I covered the ContentBiz conference for PaidContent. It’s interes… Read more »

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